Hall of Fame nomination deadline changed

It has become necessary to move up the deadline for HOF nominations. We originally announced May 23 as the deadline and then our national meeting schedules necessarily changed.

We’ll be holding our HOF Committee telephonic meeting on either May 16 or 17. The new deadline for required materials for any further candidates being nominated by yudanshakais is now Saturday, May 9. Respondents need to refer to the original notice for details on making a nomination.

ALL nomination materials should be .

International Judo Federation – The Great 8

What do the judo values mean to you? Show your favorite value in action and win fantastic prizes!

Talk about the values with your friends, parents, teammates and send us an illustration of how you “see” the judo values in everyday life.

For decades, judo has been teaching us several of these important life values. These values are present in each judo lesson all around the world, where we learn and teach our judo community about Courage, Respect, Modesty, Friendship, Honour, Sincerity, Self-control and Politeness.

If you are less than 14 years old, this contest is for you!

Go to this IJF page to find out more about this contest.

Let the values of our sport inspire you to stay strong and positive!

The judges are Clarisse Agbegnenou, Varlam Liparteliani, Christa Deguchi and Rafael Silva.

Recommendations from the USJF Medical Committee about COVID-19

COVID-19 Pandemic 2020

(March 14, 2020)

Thank you very much to Dr. Ricardo Joseph and Dr. Eric Chen of the USJF Medical Committee for their time and expertise in helping to put together this information along with recommendations for our community. This will be helpful for everyone as we all work through the trying & difficult times ahead.

This document provides recommendations from the USJF Medical Committee on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

  • We must all behave responsibly to protect own health, but also to protect everyone’s health by not contracting, carrying, and transmitting the COVID-19 virus to others.
  • These recommendations are based on the current and most up-to-date information and data available at the time of creation. This was accomplished by researching and reviewing guidelines published by various sports medicine organizations, the American College of Emergency Physicians, the Center for Disease Control (CDC).
  • We remind you that the COVID-19 pandemic is a rather fluid and sometimes chaotic environment with occasionally conflicting medical information.
  • Keep yourself informed with the latest information, developments, and situation by visiting the CDC’s COVID-19 page.
  • Also visit your state’s health department website, and keep up with your local news. Empowerment though knowledge and education is critical.
  • It is vitally important for everyone to be mindful that each individual’s health situation is unique and may require different strategies. Thus, we strongly recommend that people consult with their primary care physician/doctor/medical professional to ensure that they are taking the appropriate measures that are what is safest and most effective for their
    personal situation.
  • These are general recommendations. It is NOT our intent to circumvent or replace the advice or directives from your primary care physician/doctor/medical professional.
  • We encourage compliance with government recommendations, regulations,
    requirements, and laws.
  • Our intent is to help keep all of our members safe while still retaining some flexibility for our high-level elite athletes.

Here is a pdf for distribution

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Letter from Michael Eldred (ASOY)

photo of michael eldred

The Athlete Scholar of the Year (ASOY) award provided several opportunities for me. I was fortunate enough to receive the award six times. Two important opportunities the award provided are: (1) Allowing me to focus more time on academic and athletic goals during college and (2) Completing my Bachelors and Masters degrees with minimal student debt.

The funds from the ASOY award allowed me to focus more time on academic and athletic goals during college instead of spending additional time working to pay for school. While attending college at Boise State University, I had an academic goal to graduate with Honors. I was able to achieve this goal for both my Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Business Administration. Remaining focused on this academic goal allowed me to maintain a high GPA and receive additional scholarships. An athletic goal was qualifying for the 2012 Olympic Games in Judo. While attending school, I was training and competing at international judo events. Both training and competing require large amounts of time and money. Receiving scholarships like ASOY allowed additional time and money to be put toward my athletic goals. I was able to achieve my goal when I qualified for the 2012 Olympic Games at 73kg.

The ASOY award helped me to complete both of my degrees with minimal student debt. Many graduates from college finish with a large amount of student debt, which can make it difficult financially after college is complete. The money received from ASOY reduced my overall college expense and as discussed earlier, allowed me to maintain a high GPA, which led to receiving additional scholarships. Finishing my college career with minimal student debt created an easy transition to my professional and personal life.

I believe the athlete scholar of the year award is appropriately named since it awards prior athletic and academic accomplishments and allows recipients to pursue future goals in both areas. The award allowed me to pursue my goals, which shaped me into the person I am today. I would like to thank the United States Judo Federation (USJF) for awarding scholarships. I have great appreciation for USJF’s continued support of their members through activities like the ASOY award.

About the five star San Jose Buddhist Judo Club

San Jose Buddhist Judo Club

San Jose Buddhist Judo Club web site

The San Jose Buddhist Judo Club was established in 1947. The club has two locations in San Jose, CA. The club is a member of Central Coast Judo Association. Currently approximately 185 members with 22 instructors. Instructors are SafeSport, CDC Heads Up and CPR/First Aid certified. Yearly events include: annual “Sensei Memorial” tournament, camps, clinics, beach party, movie nights, awards dinner, promotional ceremonies, and support of community events such as Obon Festival and Nikkei Matsuri.

Athlete Scholar of the Year applications

Attention All Athlete Scholars

The applications are due to the National Office no later than March 29, 2020.

If you have Spring Break in March, we need to see your excellence on paper prior to your Break!

USJF has a great success story by Chanin Sugimoto: the ASOY scholarship helped me create the best possible life for myself and for my family.

You now have 6 weeks remaining to:

  • Request your electronic transcript from 2018-2019
  • Request a letter of support from your Instructor
  • Reflect on what your judo studies have done for you

Be a Champion and get this started today!

Results USJA/USJF Winter Nationals® 2019

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Overall statistics

USJA/USJF Winter Nationals®

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Link to Photos by Jerry Hays and Stephanie

Competitors Female Male
Juniors 568 162 406
5-6 Years 35 5 30
7-8 Years 95 22 73
9-10 Years 145 60 85
11-12 Years 150 40 110
13-14 Years 95 19 76
15-16 Years 48 16 32
51 11 40
Seniors Brown & Black 80 11 69
Masters 46 3 43
Total Competitors 745 187 558
Total Divisions 143

Total Clubs 102