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USJF Charter Club

How to Start a USJF Club

How to Start a USJF Club

Starting a club is a privilege and great pride should be taken to achieve the goals of Judo. Please read the following guidelines carefully. This will help you obtain the high standards of the United States Judo Federation.

Thank you for your interest in the United States Judo Federation.

Get started

Contact the yudanshakai of your choice to inquire about the benefits the yudanshakai may have to offer. It is important to choose a yudanshakai that can help you achieve your goals (see Yudanshakai section). Please know that it is mandatory for the club to join a yudanshakai, but the yudanshakai you choose does not have to be local. However, in order to receive the full benefits a yudanshakai has to offer, registering with your local yudanshakai is best.

See the yudanshakai list

When you have made your choice for a yudanshakai, you may have to fill out an application to join the yudanshakai. The yudanshakai will have all the necessary information and paperwork you will need for their part of the club membership.

When the national office receives your club application from the yudanshakai, you are automatically covered by a general liability insurance (for judo related incidents only).

Certificate of Insurance

If you need proof of insurance, you may fill out an insurance request form. When the National Office receives the form it will be processed and sent to the insurance company. The certificate should arrive about 30 days from the date the insurance company receives it. If for some reason you must have the certificate sooner than 30 days, special arrangements can be made. In order to keep your coverage in force, make sure that every individual that works out on the mat is a regular member of the USJF, USJA or the USJI with insurance.

For non-US individuals, they must show proof of current membership from a nationally recognized Judo organization along with proof of current medical insurance. It is very important that an insurance approved waiver is signed by all members of the club.

USJF Liability Waiver

A new waiver must be signed each year. The National Office will supply a customized waiver for the club upon request. The waiver needs to be signed by renewing members, new members and visiting individuals with regular current membership. It is very important the waiver is signed by all members. If the wavier is not signed it could affect insurance liability.


Club Requirements

You must meet the following requirements to start a club.

  • The head instructor of the club must have a nationally recognized rank of Shodan or above. They must send a copy of the certificate if it is not on file with the USJF.
  • It is mandatory the club register with a yudanshakai.
  • A registration fee is due at the start of every fiscal year which starts on September 1st. Although individual membership has rolling registration, clubs do not. Your USJF club application and fees need to be submitted to the yudanshakai by the first of September to avoid lapse of insurance coverage.
  • Do not send the club application and fees to the national office. They need to go through the yudanshakai.

Note If you need assistance starting your club, the yudanshakai you join should have a contact person who will be able to make suggestions on how to get started. The national office is also available to help any way we can.

  • All individuals participating in any judo activity, including practice, must be a current member with the USJF, USJA, USJI or belong to a nationally recognized judo organization with proof of insurance before stepping on the mat. an individual that signs up with the club does not automatically become a USJF member. They must purchase an individual membership.