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Sanctioned Events

USJF Sanctioned Events

These events have received sanctions from the USJF. To sanction your event, refer to the guidelines for sanction events. Please contact the national office for details.

Apr 27, 20242024 Shufu North Promotional
Beverly, MA
Shufu✉ Miki Takemori
May 04, 2024Seattle Dojo Annual Judo Tournament and Kata Compe
Bellevue, WA
Northwest✉ Alan Yamada
(206) 763-9802
May 04, 2024Nebraska State Championships
Lincoln, NE
Chicago✉ Ron Hulshizer
(402) 617-9782
May 18, 2024PSJA Ju no Kata Clinic
Vista, CA
Pacific Southwest✉ Bruce Knight
(619) 368-9812
Sep 14, 2024Randori-No-Kata Clinic
Jefferson City, MO
ChicagoJosh Lehmen
(573) 301-1738
Nov 15, 2024November Kata Clinics & Certification Testing
Vista, CA
Pacific Southwest✉ Bruce Knight
(619) 368-9812