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Promotion Committee

USJF Promotion Committee

The Promotion Committee has the duty to consider all promotion applications that fall outside the jurisdiction of the candidate’s Yudanshakai and presents its recommendations to the USJF Board of Examiners concerning the application.

The committee constitutes the nominated delegates from the member Yudanshakai, whose rank is Godan or higher for men and Yodan for women. The Promotion Committee is led and supported by a Chair, Vice-Chair and a Secretary.

Current Officers

Hayward Nishioka (Nanka) Chair

Tom Sheehan (Konan), Vice Chair
Richard Nakatsu (JBBH), Secretary

Promotion Committee Members

Type of Seat YDK Member
Large YDK Seat 50th State Ray Imada
Large YDK Seat Central Coast Calvert Kitaura
Large YDK Seat Daiheigen Dr. Kuniko Takeuchi
Large YDK Seat Hawaii Richard Natkatsu
Large YDK Seat Hudson Anthony Catanese
Large YDK Seat Nanka Haywood Nishioka
Large YDK Seat Northwest Michael Purcell
Elected Shufu J. Miki Takemori
Elected Intermountain Josh Kindelberger
Elected Hokka Matsuo Takeda
Elected Konan Tom Sheehan
Appointed San Joaquin Larry Tsutsui
Appointed Niagara Janet Johnson

Promotion Committee Meeting Minutes