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Lifetime Achievement Award


Lifetime Achievement Award Committee

Lifetime Achievement Award Gallery

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes the local heroes of Judo, those who have worked behind the scenes for Judo but without whom Judo would be a pale shadow of what it should be.

Some examples of the work people to be considered have done are: club or Yudanshakai registration chair, Yudanshakai officer, club parent group leader, continued tournament supporter, club officer, Yudanshakai delegate, booster club officer, club volunteer.

Committee Members:

Neil Simon, Chair and Secretary
Mitchell Palacio
Kevin Asano
Noboru Saito
Robert Brink
Mark Muranaka


Instructions for a Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination

Nomination Form for the Lifetime Achievement Award

We encourage nominations in the form of a compelling summary of why the person deserves a national recognition of the work done for Judo locally and regionally. Also we would request a photo (or two) of the nominee for use by USJF later.

  1. The USJF Lifetime Achievement Award is open to any USJF member.
  2. Nominations for the USJF Lifetime Achievement Award may be made by any of the following persons:
      • The USJF President or a person designated by the USJF (Executive)
      • Any Yudanshakai President or the designated person of a Yudanshakai
      • Any HOF Committee member
  3. Each Yudanshakai may propose one candidate per year
  4. In addition, Non-U.S. citizens are eligible and may be nominated and are eligible (see below on the basis of significant contributions to the United States Judo Federation.
  5. A nominee should be a person who has made continuous contributions and/or achieved the highest level of success in any one or more of the areas as set forth in the Criterion Chart below:
  6. The USJF Hall of Fame Committee shall meet once each year prior to the Annual Board of Directors in the spring of each year to consider the Lifetime Achievement Award as well as the Hall of Fame candidates. The nominees shall be submitted to the board at least 45 days prior to the spring meeting. Committee members may participate in any committee meeting telephonically. The Committee shall select from the pool of nominees those who have met the basis of significant contributions locally to the United States Judo Federation.

Major Contributions

USJF and American Judo including some combination of major tangible contributions such as being a significant booster, major supporter of their dojos or yudanshakais, at various levels, major organization development efforts at various levels, technical writings, audio-video offerings, in other words, tangible contributions, all of which have advanced Judo in the US.


Official exhibiting the highest level of both skill and performance

USJF Member with at least ten years continuous membership


Producing many local, national/ international judo athletes

USJF Member with at least fifteen years continuous membership

Local, National or International teacher/coach who has worked with his/her students for more than 20 years

Program Administrator

Contributions over many years and at many levels (including e.g., officer, director), etc.

Volunteer or elected USJF Member with at least 20 years continuous membership and service (at least 15 years of Yudanshakai or National level service) and

Individual who has played a significant administrative role at the Local/Yudanshakai and/or National level, and

Their efforts have lead to significant improvements to Local/Yudanshakai and/or National judo programs.

USJF Lifetime Achievement Award

Awarded to an individual who has contributed extensive leadership, dedication and service on a Local, Yudanshakai or National basis.

Nominees will be submitted to the HOF committee by the president or designated person of a USJF Yudanshakai president or designee.

The recipients will be showcased on their own USJF Lifetime Achievement Award webpage.