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President Club Life Membership

The President Club Life Membership Program is designed to recognize individuals and corporations that believe in the vision and mission of the USJF.

Our Vision is building strong wellness communities by empowering members to make known the Judo maxim, Jita-kyoei (spirit of mutual prosperity for self and others), through safe and positive experiences.

Our Mission to to promote and support Judo as a physical, mental and moral practice.

President Club Life Membership

The President’s Club has been established to receive and manage charitable donations made to the USJF.  All donations, which are tax deductible (excluding service value received – check with your accountant), are to be deposited into our Endowment Trust whose principal will be maintained, conserved, and invested so as to generate interest. Monies accumulated from the Endowment Trust will be used to support the development of Judo both local and nationally.

There are five levels of individual contribution and three levels of corporate sponsorship. Individuals are deemed 

Charter Members for a donation of $600 (or with a donation of $200 to move from a regular Life Membership to a Charter Membership in the President’s Club), 

Executive Members for $1000

Presidential Members for $3000

Executive V.I.P. Members for $5000

Presidential V.I.P. Members for $10,000

A corporation can become;

Charter Sponsor for $5000

Executive Sponsor for $10,000

Presidential Sponsor for $20,000.

Each level of contribution comes with exclusive benefits for its sponsors including special recognition in the USJF official publication, USJF News, President Club Life Member page, and at the annual USJF sponsored Junior National Tournament. By donating to the President’s Club Life Membership, you and your Dojo will be nationally recognized for its continued commitment to Judo.

Show your commitment and belief in the United States Judo Federation by being a Presidents Club Life Member

Join this Elite Group

It is easy. Just complete the Presidents Club Life Membership application form (Acrobat File – 125KB) and remit your payment. You can chose the Charter Members for a donation of $600, Executive Members for $1000, Presidential Members for $3000, Executive V.I.P. Members for $5000, or Presidential V.I.P. Members for $10,000. A corporation can become a Charter Sponsor for $5000, and Executive Sponsor for $10,000, or a Presidential Sponsor for $20,000.

Your tax-deductible payment can be in full or in four easy installments. You can even put the payments on your Visa or MasterCard.

Benefits of President Club Life Member

As a President’s Club Life Member, you will receive recognition and appreciation for your support in the following:

  1. An inscribed brass membership card, permitting free admission to all USJF National Championships. Two pins, one Presidents Club Life Membership pin and one gold and ruby USJF life membership pin.
  2. Free entry to the National USJF sponsored Tournaments.
  3. A Listing with all the other members of “President Club Life Membership” on the USJF website.
  4. A beautiful plaque commemorating your contribution and commitment to the USJF.
  5. Abatement of USJF national dues (except for annual insurance assessment), promotional fees and the reduction in time and grade requirements for promotion.

Positive Experience

But, of course, far more important to you than any of these tokens of appreciation will be simply the inner satisfaction you made a difference in keeping the spirit and the mission of the USJF alive.

I do hope you will accept this invitation to join the USJF President’s Club Life Membership.

You can mail your check and application (Acrobat File – 128KB) to USJF National Office, Presidents Club Life Membership, P.O. Box 338 Ontario, Or. 97914