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George C. Balch Scholarship Committee

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George Balch

George C. Balch Scholarship Fund

Balch Sensei had a zest for life, a love for all people and he held the USJF Judo programs in high esteem. His infectious nature made him a positive force with all of his companions—he was just one really likeable man.

To honor George Balch, donations flowed in to the USJF scholarship account in his name, and they continue to this day to provide college scholarships through the George C Balch Scholarship program. This program has become one of the largest scholarship funding sources in USJF. As of 2019, the Fund principal is over $65,000. The principal is never touched and yet over $30,000 in financial awards have been made to date from investment earnings and direct donor contributions to scholarships.

The George C. Balch Scholarship Fund has been established to provide financial assistance to judo students who are high school seniors or graduates pursuing a college degree. The scholarship will be awarded annually to the applicant who has the characteristics which promise a successful academic record and who continues judo study throughout his/her college career. The scholarship will be awarded at the level of up to $1000 per year for a maximum of four (4) years.

Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis. Applications are available for outstanding high school students who are members of USJF. If you are such a student, we encourage you to apply through the USJF National Office.

The 2019 committee report

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Please contact for further information.

Please apply through the USJF National Office (form available here). The application deadline is June 30 of every year, for studies commencing that fall.


2021 – 2022 Anna Asano, Ashlie Ferido, Albert Lee, Marisol Torro

2020-2021 Anna Asano, Makayle Paige Cox, Albert Lee, Marisol Torro

2019-2020 Joy Sigurdson, Abigail Sigurdson, Gabriela Gomez Zubieta and Anna Asano

2018-2019 Gabriela Gomez Zubieta, Joy Sigurdsson, Abby Sigurdsson, Joshua Farin, Anna Asano and Davit Sargsyan

2017-2018 Harun Bogdanic, Joy Sigurdsson, Abby Sigurdsson, Gabriela Gomez and Joshua Farin

2016-17 Joy Sigurdson and Abigail Sigurdson, and Daniela Gomez and Harun Bogdanic

2015-16 Daniela Gomez Zubieta and Harun Bogdanic

2014-15 Daniela Gomez Zubieta and Harun Bogdanic

2013-14 Kyle Tsubota, Arman Kapbasov and Daniela Gomez Zubieta

2012-13 Arman Kapbasov and Kyle Tsubota

2011-12 Kyle Tsubota

2010-11 Katie Sell

2009-10 Katie Sell

2008-9 Katie Sell

2007-8 Alex Murray, Michael Eldrid, Chris Cody & Katie Sell

2006-7 Alex Murray

2005-6 Chris Cody

2004-5 Daniel Oshima

2003-4 Michael Oshima

2002-3 Michael Oshima