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Board of Examiners

USJF Board of Examiners

As a delegation of power and authority by the USJF Board of Directors;

Encourage the training and development of competent Judo instructors and practitioners;

Make and rule upon rank and proficiency awards, which power may be further delegated by the Board of Examiners to local yudanshakai promotion boards where appropriate and where necessary to modify, suspend or withdraw such promotion authority; and promulgate rules establishing uniform procedures and standards

Each Yudanshakai member in good standing shall delegate representatives to serve on the board of examiners;

    • Be a member of the Yudanshakai that appoints him or her
    • Hold rank of sandan or higher that is recognized and registered with the US JF
    • Delegates to the board of examiners shall we clean office for a term of two years.

Elected Officers

    • Chairperson
    • Vice Chairperson
    • Secretary

Each member Yudanshakai shall be entitled 2 (two) votes on the Board of Examiners based on their registration of Yudanshas (Black Belts) calculated prior to each meeting.