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Minutes JYDS
April 18, 2005
2pm – 3:30 PM
Virginia Beach, VA

Members: Dean Markovics, Bryan Matsuoka, Chris Mitsuoka (Chair)

Observers: Todd Jones(CSCVB), Felix Lanier(CJBBA), Greg Goebel(Shufu),
Helen McProuty(Shufu), Jeff Takeda(Chuka), Robert Suyehira(Intermountain)

New Business –

  1. Chicago proposal 2008 USJF J/Y Nationals, recommended for proposal.
  2. RFP Proposals, MSP
  1. South Hills Judo proposal $2,010, qualified for recommendation, MSP
  2. Shojin Dojo $1,500, qualified for recommendation, MSP
  3. Pleasant Run Elementary, IN $2,170, qualified for recommendation, MSP
  4. Iolani Schools and Kapolei High Schools of Hawaii proposals response needs
    to be asked: option for clarification or referral to DC for proposal.
  • Recommend Dean Markovic for committee to study injury for double knee drop