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USJF Development Committee
Meeting Agenda and Minutes
Thursday, 21 April 2005
Virginia Beach, VA

  1. Call to Order

    The meeting was called to order by David Matsumoto at 12:30 pm. In attendance
    were the following members: Matsumoto, Vaughn Imada, Karen Mackey, Ann Marie
    Rousey, Bryan Matsuoka; and observers Phyllis Imada and Margaret Catt.

  2. Approval of the Minutes of the Last Meeting

    The minutes of the last meeting were approved as drafted.

  3. Reports
    1. Chair. Matsumoto
    2. Co-Chair. Imada
      1. Monthly reports for USJF Newsletter from subcommittees
      2. Monthly reports for USJF Newsletter from funded yudanshakais
      3. Reports of funded activities (necessary for future funding)
        1. All subcommittees and yudanshakais are reminded that no funding
          will be approved if their two reports as specified by the budgeting
          procedures for previous activities are delinquent.
    3. Subcommittee reports and progress on duties and responsibilities
      1. Jr. Development (Mitsuoka).
      2. Sr. Development (Rousey).
      3. Teacher’s Institute (Matsuoka).
      4. Technical Research (Matsumoto).
      5. Referee Development and Certification (Chi).
      6. Kata Development and Certification (Shepherd).
      7. Women (Mackey).
      8. Coach Development and Certification (Markovics).
    4. Approval of all reports. All subcommittee chairs are reminded
      to submit minutes of their meetings within two weeks to be appended to
      this report. MSP to approve all reports.
  4. Unfinished Business
    1. Review of Subcommittee Duties and Responsibilities Document (originally
      distributed 2001). Drafts of guidelines for YDKs from each subcommittee
      to development proposals and content for development in each area by 1
      January 2004.

      1. This item was discussed once again.
    2. Follow up to board actions from April 2002.
      1. Procedures and guidelines for grandfathering coaches.
        1. No action taken. Markovics not present.
      2. Procedures and guidelines for grandfathering teachers.
        1. Matsuoka reported that his committee had approved the procedures
          to achieve this. He will submit the information to DC for approval
          at our next meeting.
    3. Approval of Katame no Kata and Ju no Kata at the USJF Jr. Nationals.
      It was MSP to approve this in principle. The KDCS was requested to develop
      and submit a detailed proposal for approval in the April meeting.

      1. nothing was submitted for consideration.
  5. New Business
    1. Discussion and Approval of Coach Development and Certification Program
      1. nothing was submitted for consideration
    2. 2005-2006 Budget Discussion
      1. the budget was approved as reflected in the attached excel file.
        It was MSP to allocate $34,105 to the various subcommittees who submitted
        requests. The remainder would be left for proposals for special projects.
  6. Adjournment