2019 USJA JF Summer Nationals Photos

2019 USJA JF Summer Nationals took place at Wagner College in New York on July 6-7, 2019. Happily we can provide links to three collections of photos.

Links to photos from 2019 USJA/USJF Summer Nationals provided by Roy E Nanjo are below.

Highlights (approx. 50 images)

Portfolio (approx. 275 images)

Please note although these photose are on Google Drive, you do NOT need a Google Drive account for viewing. You can use any web browser or device to view.

Another set of photos by James Kinder can be viewed.

summer nationals 2019

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May and June 2019 Self Defense Committee Oahu, Kona and Shufu Workshops

The Self Defense Committee has been assisting several Yudanshakais in launching their own self defense committees. Over that last three years, the Committee has offered grants to Yudanshakais through the development committee to launch programs. Several Yudanshakias worked together to develop their self defense programs and curricula to help consolidate resources. Many of the smaller Yudanshakais did not have the resources to start a new committee so they chose to work together to have a self defense program.

The last two Yudanshakai grants were utilized in May (by the two Hawaii Yudanshakais) and in June (by Shufu). There were a total of 21 participants in the three Hawaii workshops (13 in Oahu and 4 in Kona for the two certification classes and 4 in the Kona re-certification class). Shufu had 19 in its certification class and will have a follow-up re-certification class at a later date. All three organizations recognized the opportunity a self defense program could offer them in order to bring new members into judo.

Oahu Workshop Attendees

Kona Workshop

Shufu workshop

Shufu President Roy Englert sent out the following email which summarized the event well.

On the heels of a very successful self-defense instructors’ clinic, it may be worth clarifying what we are doing and why.

It is Shufu’s leading goal, as determined by the black belts at a retreat held a couple of years ago, to grow judo. Bringing people into judo through their interest in self-defense is one under-used path.

As every instructor knows, it is important for a dojo to maintain insurance coverage. The USJF self-defense program is the product of negotiations between USJF and our insurance carrier to make sure that there is agreement on how a dojo can incorporate techniques beyond IJF shiai judo and retain coverage. 

There are techniques — including de-escalation and situational awareness, not just waza — that can be taught in a one-day seminar to help people defend themselves in common situations, and presenting those techniques can be a public service as well as a gateway to judo. But anyone interested in waza useful in self-defense needs to learn the waza over a period of time and practice them so that they become part of muscle memory. And that is where we judoka can set up a win-win situation, gaining judo students and providing those students with something they want. 

The clinics that USJF puts on are not waza clinics. The waza we should teach are existing judo waza (including atemi waza used in the self-defense katas such as kime no kata, koshiki no kata (added) and Goshin Jutsu). The goal of clinics is to explore ways to teach self-defense through the waza we already know, and to learn more about common situations calling for self-defense and about de-escalation and escape techniques, all taking into account learning from neuroscience and other fields of study. The team USJF sends out to the Yudanshakai for this purpose includes a police officer, a lawyer, and a former USJF President familiar with relevant scientific learning as well as strategic planning.

The Self Defense Committee has introduced 17 Yudanshakais to the USJF Self Defense Process. The Committee will now transition into an oversight role for the program, which will include continued outreach to the Yudanshakais with support and guidance, creation of different additional training opportunities, Continuing Education Unit development, overall program coordination, and when asked provide specific Self Defense Training classes.

The Committee is also in the process of establishing a website for the general public as well as having a private section for trainers, teachers and assistant teachers. This private section will contain information that can be used by the certified members as well as a discussion forum so specific issues can be discussed.

2019 Keiko Fukuda Scholarship

The 2019 Keiko Fukuda Scholarship recipient was Totie Oishi. Unfortunately, she was not able to attend the Senior National this year. Torie sent me, as Chair of the Scholarship Committee, this letter of appreciation after receiving the check.

letter from Totie Oishi

Assistance Requested for the IJF Refugee Project

Dear USA Judo Clubs & Coaches,

The International Judo Federation is actively working to help refugee judoka all around the world, in line with the principles and values of our sport. They are already supporting participation in the IJF World Tour for some of them and their goal is to build a refugee team for the World Championships 2019 in Tokyo, as well as possibly the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year. Needless to say, this will provide judo an exceptional status and media coverage on the world’s stage

In light of the above, we are kindly asking you to inform us about any refugee judoka you may be aware of and provide us with basic information in order to determine their eligibility for this project. Historically, the United States has offered refuge to more people than all other nations combined, so your participation in this project by providing a list of refugees you are aware of will be instrumental to the IJF in successfully achieving this initiative. To clarify, refugees are people who flee to another country for safety and asylum due to violence or persecution experienced in their home country.

Should you have one or several athletes matching the conditions, please send the following information to Corinne Shigemoto at Corinne.Shigemoto@usajudo.us by FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2019, and USA Judo will then compile a list to send to the IJF:

  1. Name
  2. Date and place of birth
  3. Legal status of immigrant and rightful residency
  4. Contact to the athlete and his/her coach/club
  5. Judo history, participation in competitions, results

Thank you in advance for your collaboration and contribution to this project.

The 2019 Daiheigen Yudanshakai Summer Camp and the Marti Malloy Clinic

I am pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 2019 Daiheigen Yudanshakai Summer Camp on June 7th-10th and the Marti Malloy Clinic on June 8th. Both of the events will be hosted at Boise State University in Boise, ID. The camp is open to judoka age 12 to 20 with a rank of orange belt and higher. The clinic is open to judoka age 7 and older. Marti Malloy will be the featured clinician at both events. She is a 2012 Olympic Bronze medalist and 2013 World Silver medalist at 57kg.

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Call for applications for Athlete-Scholar of the Year

The 2019 Athlete-Scholar of the Year Committee, on behalf of the USJF Board of Directors, is proud to invite applications for scholarships of $1,000, $750, and $500 to further educational opportunities at trade school, technical college, graduate school, college or university studies. Applications are available

The application for this award are

  • Due to USJF before March 29, 2019 (PDF via E-mail accepted)
  • Academic year 2017-2018 transcripts required
  • Complete application includes Head Instructor’s Endorsement
  • Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.00 minimum
  • Winners Announced at 2019 Grassroots Judo™ Jr. National Championship

On behalf of the USJF Athlete-Scholar of the Year Committee, thank you for continuing your educational opportunities. It is a sincere desire of United States Judo Federation that you continue to open doors to opportunities to learn and grow. It is our pleasure to continue USJF financial assistance.

In 2015, the committee received 10 applications from outstanding USJF qualified members and after extensive deliberation the following three applicants were selected as the 2015 scholarship recipients:

  1. Chase Oishi, Tarsh Judo Club, Nanka Yudanshakai
  2. Benjamin R. Hinatsu, Western Idaho Judo Institute, Daiheigen Yudanshakai
  3. Andrew Kageyama, Sacramento Judo Club, Hokka Yudanshakai

What happened to ASOY? With the untimely passing of Chairman Jeff Takeda, the committee took pause after the summer of 2015.

Takeda Sensei’s remaining committee members are

Mr. Low Dong, Nanka,
Dr. Kuniko Takeuchi, Daiheigen,
Bryan Matsuoka, Daiheigen,

and began work again in 2017.

New committee members in 2018 include:

Mrs. Francis Glaze, Konan
Mrs. Janet Y. Ashida Johnson, Niagara Yudanshakai
Ms. Karen Nagai, Northwestern Yudanshakai.

The committee will review the applications following the March 28, 2019 due date and finalize the awards for the presentations this summer 2019.