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The Sanix program has been going for a number of years encouraged by Noboru Saito and USJF. The four main aims of the program: are

  1. To give the opportunity to experience Japanese Judo and Culture to US middle-school-age, judo students who are not necessarily elite athletes in US, but are willing to learn, practice hard and want to experience new things.
    The desired outcome is to understand what’s going on in Japan and to observe how the same age group practices judo in Japan. This should encourage US students to practice and enjoy Judo like the friends they will make in this program.
  2. To keep ongoing relationship with Japan to increase opportunities for participation in events in Japan for US middle and high School students, networking.
  3. To honor Mr. Shinichi Munemasas’ vision to send US teams to the Sanix event each year.
  4. To increase the number of Japanese coaches and students that visit US for exchange programs.
  5. To teach US coaches about team events with the hope that US judo will hold more team events.

The Sanix Sport Foundation/Global Arena has expressed the purpose of this tournament program.

This tournament has been established to foster the spread and advancement of Junior High School Judo, as well as to train and educate future participants in the Olympic Games and World Championships, and finally, by providing the youth with the chance to meet and mix with their counterparts from different cultural backgrounds, to contribute to their development as individuals with a global vision.

The Taisei Middle School has been the venue for this event – their reasons for inviting the US Team were

  • Fostering international cooperation
  • Improving Judo skill
  • Training mind and body
  • Promoting Judo
  • Opening the door for future exchange programs between US and Taisei Middle School and High School, not necessarily just the judo program.

This year’s participants have written about their experiences.