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Lincoln, Nebraska – Sho Rei Shobu Kan Judo Club Kata Clinic with Sensei Eiko Shepherd

On March 1 – 2 Sensei Eiko Shepherd conducted a kata clinic, covering Nage no Kata and Katame no Kata, for participants in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Drawing on her knowledge and her first hand experiences, Sensei Shepherd demonstrated the importance of kata and how that translates to building a strong shiai competitor.  With her engaging personality and inspirational storytelling, Sensei Shepherd demonstrated Dr. Kano’s idea of judo for all, which was well received by those in attendance.

Sho Rei Shobu Kan Judo Club was honored to host both, this event and esteemed clinician, at our dojo. The second annual clinic doubled it’s participants from last year (from 12 to 24).  The group consisted of judoka from Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota varying in ages and ranks.  We are already looking forward to what we will learn next year.