New Background Screening Information Memo

Years ago, USJF adopted the US Center for SafeSport’s programs and standards for education and training to protect athletes and participants from abuse. SafeSport has begun to require more rigorous background screens. Thus, our background screening has been updated to meet these new standards. Our screening vendor continues to be National Center for Security Initiatives (NCSI). NCSI is now wholly owned by SportsEngine. SportsEngine is a National Broadcasting Company (NBC) Sports Group Company.

The major changes are that background screening is now required to be completed annually and there are more data sources available to conduct a wider, more thorough background screening. The screening fee has been increased to $35.00. The new screening program is compliant with the newer, stricter SafeSport standards and includes two (2) annual background screens/checks.

  1. Under the new screening standard:
    1. You are paying for two (2) background screens over two (2) years.
      1. 1st background screen – upon application for the 1st year.
      2. 2nd background screen – upon anniversary for the 2nd year.
    2. 2nd background screen is done AUTOMATICALLY at end of 1st year (NO ACTION BY APPLICANT NECESSARY).
  2. Please download the USJF Background Screening/Check Consent & Release Form.
  3. Please complete the form by typing into the PDF document. Please NO HANDWRITTEN applications.
  4. Please print, and SIGN the application.
  5. Please mail completed, signed form, along with your $35.00 check (made out to “USJF”) to the USJF National Office.
    1. Results of both the 1st and 2nd screenings are automatically provided to USJF.
    2. AFTER the 2nd year screen EXPIRES, the applicant must REAPPLY for a new screen.
    3. The cost for this new screening is $35.00. This cost covers both screenings for the 1st and 2nd year.

These statements are based on the assumption that your background screens return clear and free of any disqualifiers.

There is a new background check/screening application form that will be available on our website. It is also included as the last page of this memo. The application form is a fillable PDF document. Please use this form to apply for your screening.
If you have recently completed a clear background screen, it will be grandfathered and will be valid for a maximum of one (1) year. Once the grandfathered background expires, you will need to obtain a new screening through the new system.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Thank you very much for your continued service to judo and USJF

SafeSport Background Screening Application 201115 (pdf)

The Successful Dojo Survey

The American Judo Development Model’s (AJDM) Foundational Task Force (FTF) wanted to establish a baseline of what commonalities make a successful Judo Club so they can identify and replicate those traits to help fulfill one of the American Judo Alliance’s (USA Judo, USJA and USJF) goals.

A process was developed to go to dojos directly to help define aspects of success. A general survey was conducted where 14 dojos responded to a high level survey and a group of 8 were willing to do an in-depth survey. While some of the survey findings and characteristics of a successful club seem elementary, what differentiates a successful club from others is its commitment to implementation, intentional observation and continual improvement of the club and its students, were insightful.

It was found that characteristics of a successful clubs are unique to their individual circumstances including purpose, location, business model, longevity, reputation, etc. However, the repeated characteristics of the successful clubs interviewed revealed the following formula:

  • Respect and Recreation = Returning members
  • Returning members + Reaffirmation = Retention
  • Retention = Reputation
  • Reputation = longevity, legacy and Referrals/Replacement (new membership)
  • All these Rs = ROI/Revenue
  • What “R” you doing to retain and grow membership in your dojo?

If you would like to review an Executive Summary and Analysis or the Compiled In-depth Survey Results, please contact AJDM.

As the AJDM continues to grow please watch for courses that address how to implement many of these successful traits and characteristics at your dojo. Please send question comments, and/or ideas to AJDM.

Important announcement for USJF registered dojos and clubs

The USJF Board of Directors has waived the USJF dojo/club registration fee for Fiscal Year 2021 (9/1/2020-8/31/2021).

You do not have to pay the USJF portion of the dojo/club registration fee ($25). Please check with your yudanshakai regarding your yudanshakai’s dojo/club registration fee to see if they are making any changes/adjustments in their dojo/club registration fees for FY 2021.

Insurance is an important part of the USJF dojo/club registration, and many rely on the certificate of insurance from the USJF office. Please ensure you have completed the USJF Club Registration & Insurance Application (USJF form 509) as well as your dojo/club registration renewal.

We realize that many/most dojos are closed and/or prohibited by public health edicts/guidance to ease operations, we encourage you to get your dojo/club registration in now. It puts you in position for quick/immediate start up when the opportunity presents itself.

Please see the full text of this announcement here.