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2024 USJF Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement

Presidential Recognition Awards Banquet

The crowning event of the 2024 USJF Spring Board of Directors meeting is the U.S. Judo Hall of Fame & Lifetime Achievement Award Banquet, held at the close of the gathering. This prestigious occasion includes the induction ceremony for esteemed individuals into the USJF Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement awards, along with the presentation of the President’s Recognition Award.

Induction into the U.S. Judo Hall of Fame stands as the pinnacle recognition by the U.S. Judo Federation, an organization established in 1952 with the Hall of Fame initiated in 1989.

Congratulations to the 2024 USJF Hall of Fame Class: Roy Englert, Francis Glaze, Tad Nalls and Edwin Takemori. The distinguished recipients of the USJF Lifetime Achievement Award are Frank Morales, James Murray, Donald Eric Spears, Frances Vali and Karen Whilden.

Additionally, the USJF honors recipients of the 2024 President’s Recognition Award, Robert “Bobby” Donaldson, Michael and Sharon Landstreet, Maurice Allen, Roy Nanjo, Mayer and Shelia Max, Sgt. Major and Mrs. Mayfield and the Tamai Family; Kevin, Margie, Karl, Kurt, Joan and Diane.

Gallery Pictures to follow soon.