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This section is created not only to sharpen your
analytical skill but also to develop your responses on the mat. To reap
the most benefits from these situations, we suggest you approach them as

1. As soon as you finish reading the situation, give a
command as though you were on the mat actually refereeing, and then
follow through with whatever additional steps that may be needed.

2. Then, reread the situation to more thoroughly analyze
it to determine if your step 1 should be amended or reversed. If
possible cite from sections in the rulebook to justify your analyses.

The situations are real-life ones that you may encounter.
They come from people like you. To keep this section alive, we need your
input. Please send your input situations to me at dick@usjf.com. We also need your comments and/or responses to the situations. It
is the sharing of information that will benefit us all.


As two players are near the edge of the danger
zone, Blue turns and steps on the danger zone. He then steps outside onto
the safety area and throws. White seems to be injured and does not get up. The
referee immediately calls for medical personnel and white is judged not able to
continue. What is the next step for the referee?


In this section, we will try to publish at least one
question each month, and the answers to it the following month. You can
send your responses to dick@usjf.com.  When giving answer,
it would be instructive to include the authority for the answer, citing
sections of the rulebook or other sources of information.


Do you have a situation that may be published here next
month? Send it to me at dick@usjf.com.