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Seigo Murakami

Seigo Murakami

Inducted 1993

Seigoro Murakami established the first dojo in the San Fernando Valley of Southern Calfornia in 1921.

source: Wikipedia

In 2002 the fiftieth anniversary was celebrated with a book of USJF history. In it were a number of biographies. including this:


Nanka Yudanshakai

Seigoro Murakami started his judo in Southern California in about 1915. He started the San Fernando Valley Judo Club in about 1921 on Woodworth Street in San Fernando. When World War II started, he was sent to Manzanar Relocation Center where he started the judo club. After the war he returned to the San Fernando Valley and continued to be the head instructor at the San Fernando Judo Club until 1969.

Sensei Murakami held Ihe rank of 8th degree black belt. The number of students he taught would be too many to list.

Seigoro Murakami was not only active in judo but also in the San Fernando Valley Japanese American Community Center and language schooL He was truly one of the great founders and leaders of the San Fernando Valley Japanese American Community Center.