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United States Judo Federation

Eiko Shepherd (Kata Chairperson)
1918 North 57th St. Washington Park, IL 62204
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Report from the 2nd Annual USJF National Kata Clinic

Here is the report for the second annual USJF Kata Conference. It as held at San Francisco
States University on June 10,11, & 12, 2002. The kodokan instructors were Mr. Tadashi
Saito 8th Dan and Toshihiro Utsugi 7th Dan. We had 15 people participate in this kata
conference. The Participants were:

Professor Keiko Fukuda – California       Eiko Shepherd – Illinois
Howard Nam ? California       Frances Christy ? California
Patrick Lam – Massachusetts       Frances Vall – Virginia
Kuniko Takeuchi ? California       Ernest Wakamatsu ? California
Kenji Osugi – California       Darrell Darling- California
Geooge Tsubota – Hawaii       Rocky Lima – Idaho
Michelle Holtze ? Minnesota       Frances Glaze – Ohio
Pamela Mery ? California       Julie Sumida – California
Teri Schweitzer – California            

During the day we practiced Ju no Kata, Nage no Kata, Katame no Kata , Kime no Kata, and Goshin
Jitsu. During the evening we had free practice from 7 pm to 9pm.

We practiced Koshiki no Kata and Itsutsu no Kata during those evening sessions. People used the
time to review what they did during the day.

We had a very small turnout , however, this allowed for private instruction. The instructors
have so much knowledge in kata.

Participants gained so much from this opportunity. We definitely should continue the national
Kata Conference each year.

We appreciate the work of David Matsumoto and assistant, Margaret Catt, for making the
arrangements on site. Thank you.


Eiko Shepherd (Kata Chairperson)