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Royal Oak, Michigan, December 6, 2011

It’s a brand new anti-bully mantra, Nobody Likes a Bully by Ypsilanti native known as “Sir K.” It’s a catchy contemporary hip-hop theme with 100 percent positive lyrics leaving listeners humming the Nobody Likes a Bully chorus for weeks to come! And Sir K is available to market your message and image nationally and internationally!

Imagine Sir K on your terms? Imagine a music video with your images, your people, your customers, your market ─ your way! Stop imagining. Contact Deadline Communications on behalf of New Viral Directions, Inc. today. No bullying allowed here. We’re ready to meet with your marketing team. Reclaim your market for 2012! Read the preliminary reviews and see the acclaimed popular sample on YouTube.

Purchase the complete current video. The MP3 is available everywhere including iTunes, Amazon.com, and the Android Marketplace In its Detroit area beginnings, Nobody Likes a Bully, copyright 2011 New Viral Directions, Royal Oak, Michigan, is quickly gaining popularity as it strives to be America’s new anti-bully mantra! Sir K, as he recalls, was a unique family nickname, something to set him apart, the nomenclature of a young man who had overcome family, drug, and bullying obstacles before penning his debut 2011 song. Sir K grew up with many challenges. Like the anti-bully message he so aptly sings — local gangs, drugs, and peer pressure led to time on the street and addiction.

Low self-esteem, a brief jail stint, and hitting rock bottom – some friends and family aided his rescue, but it was “Glory to God” that helped pull Sir K through the worst of times and believing in himself to help create better times ahead. In the last year, he enrolled at the University of Phoenix (UOPX), Ann Arbor campus, and is now working on a degree in information technology.

He was “discovered” by a UOPX faculty member, who not only liked his musical ability, but Sir K’s charming personality. And fans of Sir K will too! While he may not be able to erase the past, he is “charting” a steady rhythm towards a bright and talented future. The Royal Oak based Michigan company is so proud of Sir K, it will be donating 10 percent of all Nobody Likes a Bully song and video sales to several anti-bullying charities and rehabilitation organizations designed to help young people stay clean and grow.

Bullying comes in all forms – family abuses, social network cyber-attacks, playground threats, peer pressure, drugs, over-eating, disorder victimization, and corporate greed. Fight back with Nobody Likes a Bully! For available song, video, reproduction rights, licensing, and marketing possibilities, please contact