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become United States Judo Federation member

The United States Judo Federation (USJF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of Judo in the USA. We are the oldest national judo organization in the country and our mission is “to serve and support our members in the American judo community while upholding the principles of mutual welfare and benefit.”
Life Membership Programs

Your Life Membership are deposited into the USJF Endowment Trust Fund; the proceeds of which, are directly channeled to USJF development programs.

Life Membership

Your Life Membership and President’s Club Life Membership fees go into the USJF Endowment Trust. The Endowment is now over $1,000,000. The proceeds of the trust are directly channeled into USJF development programs. This helps USJF continue to build our programs for juniors, seniors, masters, kata, coaches, teachers, and referees. The financial support that comes from the Endowment assists all of our USJF programs. The principal of the trust is protected from being expended for its perpetuity.

How does Life Membership benefit me?

  • You get free admission to the USJF Jr. Nationals – just present your Life Membership Card at the door.
  • The administrative portion of the USJF annual membership is waived. (Some Yudanshakais waive their fees, also)
  • You receive an engraved plaque, engraved brass life membership card, a gold filled garnet lapel pin, and a life membership lapel patch.
  • Your USJF promotion fees are waived.
  • You receive a 5% reduction in time-in-grade for all future dan promotions.
  • Discounts on USJF merchandise are available.

What does Life Membership cost?

Your Age Your fee
30 & Under $400
31 – 40 $375
41 – 50 $350
51 – 60 $325
61 – 70 $300
71 – 80 $275
81 & over $250

We also have an installment plan. An initial payment of at least $50.00 is required, with the remainder to be paid in full within 24 months. There are no refunds. Your Life Membership benefits commence when you have paid-in-full. You also can make payments by credit card. The fees for President’s Club Life Membership can be found in the computer-friendly President’s Club Life Membership application form available along with the Life Membership application online under Forms.

Presidents Life Membership

The President’s Club is a Life Membership Program designed to recognize individuals and corporations that believe in the mission of the USJF. The USJF mission is to affect positively the character of everyone associated with Judo through the principle of mutual benefit and welfare.

Individual Sponsorship type Contribution
Charter Member $600
Executive Member $1,000
Presidential Member $3,000
Executive VIP Member $5,000
Presidential VIP Member $10,000
Corporate Sponsorship type Contribution
Charter Sponsor $5,000
Executive Sponsor $10,000
Presidential Sponsor $20,000

There are five levels of individual contribution and three levels of corporate sponsorship.

Individuals are deemed Charter Members for a donation of $600, Executive Members for $1,000, Presidential Members for $3,000, Executive V.I.P. Members for $5,000, or Presidential V.I.P. Members for $10,000.

It is possible to move into the President’s Club Life Charter Membership from the Charter Life Membership with the payment of a $200 fee.

A corporation can become a Charter Sponsor for $5,000, an Executive Sponsor for $10,000, or a Presidential Sponsor for $20,000.

Each level of contribution comes with exclusive benefits for its sponsors including special recognition in the USJF official publication, USJF News, Presidents Life Membership Club Web page, and at the annual USJF sponsored Junior National Tournament. By donating to the President’s Life Membership Club you and your Dojo will be nationally recognized for its continued commitment to Judo.

Current Life Members

Current Life Members