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The Sanix/Taisei competition and training was an experience that I will truly never forget. I met so many great people, learned so many great things, and most importantly I gained new life skills for my future. This experience gave me insight into what I can become as a young man in life and what I can strive to be as I get older. The spirit and passion for Judo stood out to me the most as I trained and competed. Everyone worked hard without complaints, treated each of their teammates like family, and most of all they showed that they loved what they were doing every second of the week.

As for the U.S. team, I am very proud of how we performed. Although some of my teammates may have been disappointed in their overall performance, I think that we made an impact by showing the heart and determination in our training and the competition.

A special thank you goes out to my teammates who were so kind and motivating. Without them, this trip would not have been as fun and eye-opening for me.

Of course, we could not do this without the help and support of Saito Sensei, and our coach Imamura Sensei. Without their guidance, the bond and relationships that were formed between all of us would not be possible.

I would also like to thank everyone from Sanix and Taisei who helped show me the true potential for my Judo in the future.

Finally, I would like to thank my parents and Yonezuka Sensei for making this trip possible for me, and for making my Judo what it is today. Without everyone that I have previously mentioned the outcome for me at the training and competitions would not be possible. Jita Kyoei