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Eddie Yamaki

Eddie B Yamaki

Eddie Yamaki

Inducted 1994

In 2002 the fiftieth anniversary was celebrated with a book of USJF history. In it were a number of biographies. including this:


Hawaii State Judo Association

Date of Birth March 6, 1919

Shunyo Kan Judo Club

February 15, 1932 Enrolled in Shunyo Kan
1935 Attained Shodan, instructed first class at Army & Navy YMCA
1942-1945 Instructed the Honolulu Police Department
1947 named Assistant Instructor for Shunyo Kan, Elected Vice-President of Shunyo Kan 1959-1973 Chief InstrucLOr for Waikiki-Kapahulu Judo Club, branch of Shunyo Kan
1963 Instrumental in obtaining CharLer for Shunyo Kan from the State of Hawaii
1973 Appoinlcd Head Instructor
1968-1976 Served as President
1970-1980 Served as one of the negotiators to obtain lease agreement to huild the present Dojo from the Makiki Japanese Language School
1980-1985 Served as Co-Chairman of the fund raising Committee for the new huilding
1996-1997 Elected Chairman of the Board of Directors1998-2001 Elected to serve as Technical Advisor
2001-2001 Elected Chairman of the Board of Directors

United States Judo Federation

1961-2001 Memher, Board of Directors
1961-1993  Memher, Board of Examiners
1962-1993 Member, Life Membership Committee. Life Member Number 1320
1964-1974 Member, Insurance Committee
1982-1993 Member, Promotion Committee
1995-1997  Member, Standards Committee;  Certilied as a National Referee; Member. U.S. Kodokan Council


1961-1962 Vice-President
1961-1983 Chairman, Nomination Committee
1962 Instrumental in obtaining the Charter for JBBAH from the State of Hawaii
1963-1966 President
1963-1993 Member of the Buard of Directors
1967-1973 Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors
1970-1974 Chairman, Referee Committee
1986-1987 Chairman of the Board of Directors
1982-1993 Member, Promotion Committee
1986-1993 Chairman Promotion Committee 1991 Served as Advisor for the 2nd Pacific Rim Judo Championship; Served as host to visiting dignitaries and Teams from Japan


August 1993 Instrumental forming the Hawaii State Judo Association and obtaining the Charter
1993-1999 Chairman of the Board of Directors
1993-1995 Chairman of the Board of Review
1993-2000 Delegate to USJF Board of Directors
2000-2001 Technical Director


1959 Recipient of the Hawaii AAU “Judo Man of the Year”
1964 Recipient of the Quarterback Club’s “Judo Man of the Year”; Awarded the status of “Referee Emeritus” by the US Judo, Inc.
April 5. 1994 Inducted into the “USJF JUDO HALL OF FAME”