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“Everybody Can Learn Judo” was originally an anti-bully rap music video dubbed, “Nobody Likes a Bully”. “Everybody Can Learn Judo” was rewritten by Deadline Communications, LLC’s (of W. Bloomfield, Michigan) Kyle Wilson, Jr. (Sir K). Sir K. wrote the gothic musical beat and later co-wrote the lyrics with Erik Bean at the request of USJF. The “Everybody Can Learn Judo” video was directed by Steven Randel, and it takes viewers back to a timid boy’s first judo lesson, played by newcomer Nissim Behar.

Judo has many rewards: most importantly the redeeming qualities of discipline, sportsmanship and respect for others.

The story of the video is quite simple; in the dojo our new judo student starts learning as a judoka and beyond the dojo he begins to develop as a better person in society.

Many judoka report better grades in school, better performance at work, and better health both physically and mentally. The 2 minute 48 seconds video features several judo volunteers: Mendy Price, Brennan Arnold, Carleigh Arnold, Michael Cummins, Ryan Cummins, Harun Bogdanic, Daniela M. Gomez Zubieta, Gabriela M. Gomez Zubieta and Gerald E. Wee. Also featured is Olympian and bronze medalist Marti Malloy in a photo.

The video was sponsored by the United States Judo Federation to reach a new audience; those who listen to different music and watch videos. Hope you will enjoy.

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Here are the lyrics –

Everybody Can Learn Judo!
By Kyle Wilson & Erik Bean
© 2012 Deadline Communications
W. Bloomfield, Michigan

I’m never gonna quit never gonna forfeit, even if I feel a stalemate/I won’t hesitate, I engage in judo.
I’m the one to Ippon/
this is a way of life—self-control, focused, prepared, ready, but a very gentle wombat. Perhaps my Higher Power might have to intervene, if not I will judo up now–I am not mean/increase my discipline, my self-esteem, balance and techniques keep everything keen/perfect rhythm, timing and harmony, plus I know judo there’s no harming me/
I have my identity, get to know me/so respectable you’d wish they’d clone me/
It’s about dojo and perfection, KIAI part of my perception…

Chorus: Everybody Can Learn to Judo! Everybody Judo!

No pain, no gain, no guts, no glory/this is a story of lifelong learning
Respect for others including myself – humility, good sportsmanship, good for my health/
To excel in competition I’m confident, let em run at me, step to the side, now rock this chin/
I would rather love you — it’s easier now, go in peace/
A goal set for me is one within reach/
I’m a better fellow, I am focused/
It’s hard work – it’s dojo, not hocus pocus/
maximize my efficiency. Feel Kiai, Ippon – believe, I can achieve/do my body good then I’ll receive/if this sounds like you — JUDO has what you need!

Chorus: Everybody Can Learn Judo! Everybody Judo!