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We just completed the 2001 USJF Junior Nationals. The
venue for this event was at the Armed Forces Language School in scenic
Monterrey California. The Ganbaru Yudanshakai under the leadership of Mr.
Eddie Stewart sponsored the tournament. The two-day competition was
conducted on six mats with approximately 900 competitors and over 50
national referees taking part.

As usual, we conducted a USJF National Referee Seminar on
Friday, July 13, the day before the competition with over 30 attendees.
Some of the topics covered were as follows:

1. Funding for referees Currently, there is
funding available for USJF members who achieve higher certifications,
nationally or internationally. In addition, funding is available for
those qualified referees who officiate at the USJF Junior Nationals.

2. Referee Certifications We continue to
encourage all yudanshakais to promote the certification of local and
regional referees. It is only through grass-root development that we can
continue to enjoy the availability of qualified referees. There is
grass-root funding available to assist the local areas in holding
clinics along with clinicians to conduct training.

3. USJF Project to Upgrade Refereeing Recently a
proposal was made to develop programs to up-grade the refereeing skill
of USJF members, in particular those certified nationally and higher. A
copy of the proposal is posted following this article. We are looking
for national and international referees who are interested in these
programs. Contact the USJF National Office or e-mail me for further
information at

4. The Role of the Judges How the judges should
act was discussed as presented in the article below.

5. Judo/Seifuku Therapy During the clinic, a
group of faculty members from The College of Tokyo Judo Therapy paid us
a visit. They explained the curriculum of the school, and demonstrated
some first aid techniques. They also provided valuable assistance to the
tournament medical personnel during the competition. A brief brochure
about their program was handed out. Call the USJF National Office for

6. Discussion The discussion period should be one
of the most important parts of any clinic. This is input from you, and
if there is any point that is not clear this is the time to find out.
However, the discussion loses its importance if the attendees do not
prepare themselves properly. You should bring the questions and
situations to the clinics for discussion that is of interest to you. Not
only will you get the clinician?s point of view, but you will also get
the opinions of the other attendees. Some of the questions and
situations are presented below. Our explanations to these situations
will be given next month. In the mean time please send in your responses
to dick@usjf.com. No need to give your name.

7. IJF Training Video Tapes Mr. Joon Chi showed
us the 2001 IJF Video Training Tapes. Copies will be reproduced for
distribution to each yudanshakai and some are available for sale. For
more information please contact me or the USJF National Office.

8. Acknowledgement First of all I would like to
express my gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Eddie Stewart and the
Ganbaru Yudanshaki for well-run tournament. Secondly, I would like to
extend my thanks to those referees at the 2001 USJF Junior Nationals for
their dedication and hard work. Thirdly, I would like to encourage those
who wish to serious upgrade their refereeing skill to participate in the
USJF programs more actively. We could use all your help.

We have a new section in this column for your
participation: ?Situations Analyses.? Send your answers to dick@usjf.com. More will be established as
your participation grows. We also invite you to write your own articles on
news and opinions. Send them to