2010 USJF/USJA Jr National Update

We now have over 800 competitors pre-registered for the Championships and Novice Tournament. It is still NOT too late to join in on what will be one of the largest Jr Nationals in recent history.

Deadline is June 25 (Postmarked) for the following:

  • Late Registration for Novice and Championship Tournament Entry Forms (Shiai and Kata)
  • Late Registration for Coaches Application Forms (Must have current USA, USJF or USJA coach’s certification and/or badge)

Limited hotel rooms are still available at the $99.00 per night, but MUST be booked directly with the Nanka Judo Office. Please email at nankaoffice@aol.com. We will need phone contact #, name In and out dates and credit card information. Bedding type is limited to King only. Roll aways are possible available.

Letter from Chanin Sugimoto

Since receiving an Athlete Scholar of the Year Award, a multitude of opportunities have opened up for me which have helped shape me into the person I am today. After graduating from Gardena High School in 1995, I began my undergraduate studies at Loyola Marymount University with an emphasis in Marketing. It took a great deal of effort to focus on academics as well as participate in judo to the extent that I wanted. I attended LMU full-time and worked part-time in addition to training and competing in national and international judo tournaments. In 1999, I graduated from LMU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

Photo of Chanin Sugimoto

Upon graduating from college and attending interviews with a myriad of companies, I decided on a job with TRW located in Redondo Beach, California. As a college hire, my first position was as a Program Control Analyst responsible for financial support on a government program. At the on start of my professional career, I found it increasingly challenging to dedicate the same amount of time to judo. At the age of 25, I chose to focus my energy entirely on furthering my career and decided it was time to retire from the sport. And, after 3 years at TRW, now Northrop Grumman, I was accepted into the Master’s of Business Administration Program at the University of Southern California. During this time, I worked full-time and attended my required courses at night. I finally graduated in 2005 with my Master’s Degree in Corporate Finance.

Since obtaining my MBA, I’ve accepted several different positions within Northrop Grumman and am currently the Financial Reporting and Resources Manager for a business unit. I am challenged each day with learning all the various financial aspects of the business as well as learning to be an effective manager and empowering employees.

Not only do I work full-time, but I’m also a mother to my beautiful 14-month old daughter Abigail. The next journey of my life will involve learning to become the best parent I can be, with the help of my husband Jesse and the continued support of my family.

USJF and the Athlete Scholar of the Year Award helped me pursue my interests and dreams and served as a catalyst to all the possibilities I could have envisioned for myself. The assistance provided by the ASOY scholarship helped me create the best possible life for myself and for my family.

Athlete-Scholar of 1995 – Ryan Jung (Hokka) Update

I became a student of judo at the age of 6 and trained until I was 18 as a member of the Sacramento Judo Club.  At age 18, I moved away from Sacramento and attended Stanford University.  Here, I earned an engineering degree as well as a partial scholarship for wrestling after joining the team as a walk-on.  After graduation, I moved to Northern Ireland where I volunteered for one year at a Center for Peace and Reconciliation working with groups of all ages to help resolve issues and tensions from the Northern Irish Civil War.  I then lived in New Zealand for over two years where I worked for the Department of Social Welfare.  I assisted indigenous mediators in conducting restorative justice conferences between young offenders and their victims.  In 2006, I returned to the US and now work for a commercial bank in San Francisco lending to technology companies and venture capital firms.

Lessons from Judo
From my time as a judoka, I’ve come to see life as a progression of lessons and challenges.  Each round is a unique problem to be solved that helps you to improve yourself and prepare for what is to come.  In a tournament as in life, as you make your way through the rounds, each challenge builds and prepares you for the next stage.

One approach that I took from judo that has helped me to solve problems in life is the concept Kuzushi, Tsukuri, and Kake.  Every technique involves first upsetting your opponent’s balance (Kuzushi), properly positioning oneself to apply the technique (Tsukuri), and the actual execution of the technique (Kake).  Without one of these elements, the technique cannot be executed in the most efficient way.  Similarly, for every problem, one must create the proper conditions for understanding and addressing it (Kuzushi), determine an optimal solution (Tsukuri), and execute the solution (Kake).  This approach has fostered a mentality in me that I can find a beneficial solution to a problem regardless of the difficulty of the problem.  It has guided me through personal challenges, issues with demanding people, and in helping others to overcome their own hardships.

I also firmly believe that “Maximum Efficiency” and “Mutual Benefit” still influence many decisions I make to this day.  The simplest solutions are often the most sound.  Sometimes solving a problem is not about the problem itself but finding ways to change the environment that creates the problem.  When faced with adversity, it is important to look at the situation that gives rise to the problem, possible solutions to the problem, and ways that can benefit everyone involved.

Since receiving an Athlete Scholar of the Year award in 1995, I have had many successful and unique opportunities.  In life, every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow in order to be better prepared to accept the next challenge.  By continuously stretching oneself, we create conditions for growth and self-improvement. Judo was one of the first of these steps in my life, and it has provided me with a mentality to face these challenges and calmly and efficiently find a way through.  This is something that will always remain a part of my life.

Athlete-Scholar of 1994 – Christine Shiosaki (Nanka) Update Report

Christine Shiosaki Tsang

Since receiving the ASOY scholarship, my opportunities have been endless.  This scholarship assisted me with application fees and miscellaneous expenses prior to starting college.  Immediately after high school, I began my undergraduate degree at Loyola Marymount University.  My focus was on Biology with aspirations to study medicine.  During my undergraduate studies, judo was very limited as my studies were my priority.  However, I continued to practice as often as I could at South Bay Judo teaching and mentoring the up and coming judokas.  I continued to coach some of the judokas at the local tournaments and junior national level.   In 1998, I received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology, but was undecided about medical school or nursing school.

In 2001, I was accepted into the Master’s of Nursing Program at the University of San Francisco.  By 2003, I was working as a registered nurse with Alta Bates Medical Center on the cardiac unit.  The following year, I completed my graduate degree in nursing and became board certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

I currently reside in northern California with my husband (Michael) and 2 children.  We have a 3-year-old son (Jarrod) and a 5-week-old newborn boy (Logan).  I still practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner for a non-profit organization providing primary care and gynecological care to the underserved community.

Thank you to USJF and the ASOY scholarship for providing young judokas for the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Passing of Chuck Fuetsch, Nanka Judo Yudanshakai

It is with deep sadness that we inform you that Charles “Chuck”
Fuertsch of Nanka Judo Yudanshakai passed away on Tuesday, May 25,
2010, around noon.

He was a prominant Judo instructor and member of Nanka Judo
Yudanshakai for almost “a hundred” years and had been ill for quite a
long while.

Our sincere condolences go to his wife, Mary Lou and his family.

Gi Whiz – Ed Hanashiro Has Decades of Judo Experience

USJF Treasurer, Ed Hanashiro, is profiled by the Star Bulletin in this interesting article titled, ‘Gi Whiz – Ed Hanashiro has several decades of judo experience under his belt. ‘

As you can read, Hanashiro-Sensei is all about giving back to others through the 50th State Judo Association, Makiki Seidokan Judo Club and through the USJF.

Thank you for your work and dedication.

(This article was originally published on usjf.com in March 2010.  We feel it is worth a second look, thank you Vice-President Imada)

USJF Life and President\’s Club Life Memberships Program Benefits

Why should I join?

Your Life Membership and President’s Club Life Membership fees go into the USJF Endowment Trust. The Endowment is now over $600,000. The proceeds of the trust are directly channeled into USJF development programs. This helps USJF continue to build our programs for juniors, seniors, masters, kata, coaches, teachers, and referees. The financial support that comes from the Endowment assists all of our USJF programs. The principal of the trust is protected from being expended for its perpetuity.

How does Life Membership benefit me?

  1. You get free admission to the USJF Jr. Nationals – just present your Life Membership Card at the door.
  2. The administrative portion of the USJF annual membership is waived.
    (Some Yudanshakais waive their fees, also)
  3. You receive an engraved plaque, engraved life membership card, lapel pin, & an embroidered patch.
  4. Your USJF promotion fees are waived.
  5. You receive a 5% reduction in time-in-grade for all future dan promotions.
  6. Discounts on USJF merchandise.

What does Life Membership cost?

Your Age Your Fee
30 & Under $250
31 – 40 $230
41 – 50 $210
51 – 60 $190
61 – 70 $170
71 – 80 $150
81 & over $130

We also have an installment plan. An initial payment of at least $50.00 is required, with the remainder to be paid in full within 24 months. There are no refunds. Your Life Membership benefits commence when you have paid-in-full. You also can make payments by credit card. The fees for President’s Club Life Membership can be found in the computer-friendly President’s Club Life Membership application form available along with the Life Membership application online under Forms.