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The 2017-2018 scholastic year award winners are

    1st Abigail Sigurdson, Western Idaho Judo Institute, Daiheigen Yudanshakai

    Abigail Sigurdson

    2nd Torie Yumi Oishi, Taishi Judo Club, Nanka Yudanshakai

    Torie Yumi Oishi

ASOY will recognize them at the 2020 Summer Nationals as well as announcing the 2018-2019 scholastic year recipients. Due to the timing of the selections, award ceremonies will be at local events to be conducted by Low Dong awarding to Tori Oishi and Bryan Matsuoka to Abigail Sigurdson.

Tori is attending UCLA and Abigail is a student at Boise State University. Congratulations to both athletes.

The Athlete Scholar of the Year Committee will be inviting interested members of USJF to apply for scholarships for the 2018-2019 scholastic year in the next few weeks so please be on the lookout and apply!