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Dear Vaughn Imada,

I have known Jerry Hays for many years (20+). I know he is very dedicated to preserving the history and documents of American Judo’s Past.

Jerry provides me and many others from time to time articles and pictures from the Past. I enjoy very much seeing this valuable information being collected and disseminated . It is important for Judo to have a well documented past.

Recently, Jerry made me aware that he has included much of the information he has on four DVDs which he graciously provided me. It is a wealth of information. I shall cherish it. It will I am sure bring back many memories and shed light on those events that took place before my getting involved.

He has asked myself and many others to provide additional documents, results, program, flyers, pictures from the past for all areas of the Country. He continues to collect and record documents being sent to him.

I just wanted to let you know I appreciate his efforts very much on behalf of myself and the Judo Community.


Richard “Rick” Celotto
International Judo Federation IJF-A (International) Referee
Connecticut Judo