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About the USJF

The United States Judo Federation is a non-profit organization that provides national standards and guidelines for the development of grassroots judo for its students and members. Click on the link to read about the history of the USJF.

USJF history

Our mission statement

Our mission is to serve and support our members in the American judo community while upholding the principles of mutual welfare and benefit.”

Our vision

The vision of USJF is to have JUDO in every American community and school.

USJF National Office

The offices of the United States Judo Federation have been located in Ontario Oregon since 1996. Operated and maintained by a full time staff the National Office is there to help the membership of the USJF. Learn more…

Executive Committee

The USJF Executive Committee is a group of elected officials who handle the organization and administration of the USJF with the help of the Executive Director. Learn more…

USJF Organization and Working Committees

The USJF relies on its volunteers to support its many activites.

As a non-profit organization, the USJF guidelines are determined by vote from a Board of Directors representing a wide variety of our United States including Alaska and Hawaii. Proposed guidelines and practices are generated largely by committees. Voluntary committee members are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our members and their communities by providing research, experience, education and diversity in the interest of the betterment of man-kind through the practice and study of judo. Learn more…


A judo club (or dojo) typically belongs to a Yudanshakai (Organization of black belts), which is typically divided geographically throughout the country. The role of the Yudanshakai is to provide the USJF with a regional local presence and to provide these local clubs and members with representation to the USJF on a national level. Learn more…