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2018 SANIX/TASIEI Report

the team

To summarize the 2018 SANIX/TAISEI CUP trip in one page would be nearly impossible. It was such an amazing and unique experience and I can’t thank my Sensei, Mr. Noboru Saito enough for making it possible for me to come on as a part of the U.S delegation. I wanted to first thank all the coaches for making sure everything was running like a well-oiled machine. From Sensei Lynn, Sensei Jim, and Sensei Takahashi. I would like to thank our translators on this trip that were so helpful and on call for all our needs. I would also like to thank the entire SANIX and TAISEI groups and administration for making this trip so accommodating. From great food, laughter and memories this was one of the best run events I have ever been to.

Harun Bogdanic with Ryu Shichinohe (left)

This trip really showcased the true side of Judo that many of our kids in the United States don’t see. They get to see kids their age who are preparing to maybe one day make it to the big stage in our sport. I think it was also very eye-opening to them to see what they need to do in their training when they come back home. This event also allowed our kids to fight against some of the best teams in Japan. Our boys team faced Tokai High School which ended up taking 2nd in the SANIX competition and our girls team lost to a very tough team from Japan. Experiences like this will not only impact someone’s Judo but, also their life with the memories that are made.

Best Regards,
Harun Bogdanic