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Kevin Asano wrote to thank the organizers of the summer abroad program at Tokai.

Dear Yamaguchi Sensei

Thank you again for hosting the summer abroad program. I appreciate all the hard work that went into the program. Our students thoroughly enjoy the trip and learned a lot about judo and life. You have a premier program and I congratulate you on the success this year.

We will have the students respond with a report to you and USJF on their impressions of the program.

Thank you again for your time and effort to promote judo internationally.


Teruyoshi Yamaguchi replied

Asano sensei and Fukuda sensei,

Yesterday, we finished 2016 Study Abroad Japan Program.

With every one’s support, we were able to have another successful program this summer. I was very exhausted, but very satisfied. All your students, parents, instructors did great job.

Most of participants said, “I am already planing to come next year.” It meant a lot to me.

I add several photos at Tokai University main campus. We observed the 51st Tokai High School Olympics this weekend. 3 female players from USJF had a chance to compete the Judo tournament. Rena Asano won one match. Other than that they all lost their matches. Japanese girls are so strong. However, it is their life long experience. I am sure of it. All participants, including boys and small kids, joined the joint practice with Tokai High Schools after the tournament.

On behalf of Tokai, I thank your support again. Thank you very much for sending your team to Japan. I have no more words to express my appreciation.

All of us – Japanese students, parents and instructors – enjoyed the time with your team and we learned a lot from them too. I hope we can continue this program next year and develop our friendship for future.

Best Regards,

Photos from Teruyoshi Yamaguchi Sensei

The 51st Tokai Olympics

Tokai Olympics Judo banner

Tokai Olympics Judo

Practice at Tokai 2

Tokai Dojo with Tokai HS