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Congratulations to all the recipients of the special awards at this years USJF Nationals.  It was difficult to select the award winners as the judo was very good and continues to improve.   Congratulations as all your work and training has made you better people and improved your judo.  Thank you to City College of San Francisco and Mitchel Palacio for hosting this event.   We hope to see you the weekend of July 4th, 2010 at USJF Nationals at the University of Irvin, California. 

Special thanks to Judo Unlimited for being the 2009 judo gi sponsor.  Each USJF member winner also received a brand new Judo Unlimited Judo Gi. 

Vice- President Vaughn Imada presented Special Awards and Generous Gift Certificates from Hatashita Sports for competitors who earned awards as follows: 

July 11, 2009


Sportsmanship – Elijah Palacio, CA

Technique – L.A. Smith, NJ

Spirit – Jose Pantoja, MEX

Outstanding – Giovante Ortiz, CA


Sportsmanship – Haylie Shinsato, HI

Technique – Amelia Fulgentes, CA

Spirit – Amber Pair, ID

Outstanding – Megan Lam, HI


July 12, 2009


Sportsmanship – Anthony Igne, CA

Technique – Michael Assels, TX

Spirit – Chase Oishi, CA

Outstanding – Ryan Hisaka, CA


Sportsmanship – Alexandria Duran, CA 

Technique – Kimi Taketa, CA

Spirit – Summer Trong, CO

Outstanding – Lydia Au, IL


Other Awards: 

International Male 2008 – Kyle Vashkulat

International Female 2008 – Taylor Ibera

National Male 2008 – Aaron Kunihiro

National Female 2008 – Melinda Chow