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United States Judo Federation

Building Judo In America

“Legacy of Tradition”

October 7 – 8,  2022

Celebrating 70 years of Tradition

USJF National Committees, Board of Examiners and Board of Directors Meeting. Seminar, Randori and Historical Photoshoot.

"Legacy of Tradition Seminar"








Our Vision: 

Building strong wellness communities by empowering members to make known the Judo maxim, Jita-kyoei (spirit of mutual prosperity for self and others), through safe and positive experiences.

Our Mission:

Promote and support Judo as a physical, mental, and moral practice.


News and Events

James Bregman

September 11, 2022 – 1:00 pm (Pacific)

Arguably the first and best-known American judo icon, Jim Bregman has devoted his life to the sport as a competitor, teacher, and administrator.

Interview with Sensei Hector Estevez

Watch our in-depth conversation with Sensei Estevez as the guest in the ongoing USJF Seminar Series of webinars. Listen to this inspirational story of one of the most dedicated and successful judokas in the history of US judo.

Benefit as a USJF Club

In appreciation for your continued Dojo membership, the USJF Board of Directors would like to provide you a beautiful USJF Custom Dojo Banner FREE of charge.  Order Now!

Judo Profiles

Obituary for Lawrence (“Larry”) Fryar

Our loving father, Lawrence E. Fryar, 84, of Sun City, California, died peacefully at his home on Saturday, February 26, 2022. Larry met his late wife Nina when he was a young Navy sailor stationed in the Philippines. Larry and Nina fell in love, married and spent...

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Road Map back to Safe Practice

Building the Community

pathway to success

Pathways Toward Success

When your son or daughter participates in Judo through a charter club approved by the United States Judo Federation, they will have quality instruction and a positive experience which will enrich their lives as they grow and mature. 

teacher certification


The United States Judo Federation Teachers Institute, with its long standing tradition of technical excellence in teaching and coaching is committed to serving our members with the latest information and procedures.  In addition, certification in Self Defense Instruction, National refereeing and kata judging are offered.

Video Resources

Many dojos have had to adjust to a hybrid-remote model, a combination of in-person and virtual blended instruction.  The USJF videos are available to all sensei’s and coaches. Our hope is that these videos serve as useful learning tools for your practice.

Obukan Judo Club

the Community

The USJF is committed in supporting the dojo/club. 

Judo participation can provide the space for healthy activities and access to areas where people come together, and foster outlets for physical and mental health recovery.

USJF committee meeting

USJF National Committees

Voluntary committee members are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our members and their communities by providing research, experience, education and diversity in the interest of the betterment of man-kind through the practice and study of judo.

YDK tournament pic

Yudanshakai (Regions)

Being the oldest Judo organization in the USA, the USJF was originally called the Judo Black Belt Federation (JBBF). It was organized around regional/local Yudanshakai (black belt associations). The purpose of the Yudanshakai is to promote judo in its own area and run local events.

United States Judo Federation

When you join the USJF not only will you enjoy the benefits it offers, you will have access to resources and a knowledge base that will serve to educate and enhance your enjoyment of this great sport.

Dojo’s Making a Difference in their Community


Obukan Judo Dojo

Portland, Oregon

U.S. Judo Hall of Fame

Class of 2022

Class of 2010

Class of 2022

Lifetime Achievement Award

Jeff Takeda

Vaughn and Phyllis Imada