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Building Judo In America


The Importance of Parental Involvement in Youth Sports

      Parents play a significant role in shaping their child’s sports experience. Children observe and emulate the behavior demonstrated by others, with parents often being the initial introduction to sports.

     The level of parental involvement can directly impact whether a child enjoys the experience or not. A positive and enjoyable attitude from parents towards sports enhances a child’s interest and enjoyment in the activity.

     It is important for parents to acquaint themselves with judo contest rules and comprehend their underlying purpose.

    Donate to the Hawaii Community Foundation’s Maui Strong Fund

    The Hawaii Bankers Association are coordinating with all local banks to collect for the HBA’s Aloha for Maui program which in turn will be donated to the Hawaii Community Foundation’s Maui Strong Fund.  100% of the money they receive will go directly to help the people in Maui.

    Edward Hanashiro, USJF 1st Vice President – 50th State Yudanshakai

    In the News

    Fran Vall

    Fran Vall © 2024 photo courtesy of Chuck Medani Judo Biography  Fran Vall is one of those small, quiet people who are easily missed in a dojo, but she has created an outsized and outstanding impact as a kata competitor, instructor, technical official,...

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    Edwin Takemori

    © 2024, Roy E Nanjo, all rights reserved Edwin Takemori Judo Biography Edwin Takemori, a highly accomplished judoka, achieved his Shodan (1st degree black belt) in 1957 and currently holds the prestigious rank of Hachidan (8th degree black belt). His journey in...

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    Clark Edson, Sensei Tohoku Judo Club

    Dale Swett, Head Instructor, Tohoku Judo Club, writes: Tohoku Judo Club is saddened to share the news of the passing of our revered Head Sensei Clark Edson on April 29, at age 78. Clark Sensei began Judo in Berkeley, CA, where he was raised. He trained extensively at...

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    Hayward Nishioka Awarded 10th Degree Black Belt

    Hayward Nishioka Awarded 10th Degree Black Belt

    Breaking News: On April 6, 2024 at the USJF Spring Board of Directors Meeting in Washington D.C.,  Sensei Hayward Nishioka was awarded the 10th-degree black belt! This prestigious honor is a testament to his unparalleled dedication, expertise, and lifelong commitment...

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    United States Judo Federation

    Koka Kids

    SHAPE America

    The USJF Development committee has align its Jr Rank Requirements with SHAPE America.  SHAPE America is our national standards framework for K-12 Physical Education that defines what a student should know and be able to do at each stage of developing physically literate individuals who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthy physical activity.

    White/Yellow Belt

    Yellow Belt

    Yellow/Orange Belt

    Orange Belt

    Orange/Green Belt

    Green Belt

    Green/Blue Belt

    Blue/Purple Advance Belt

    New USJF

    Educational Portal

    Education – Certifications for Judoka’s at Every Level

    Our Vision: 

    Building strong wellness communities by empowering members to make known the Judo maxim, Jita-kyoei (spirit of mutual prosperity for self and others), through safe and positive experiences.

    Our Mission:

    Promote and support Judo as a physical, mental, and moral practice.


    News and Events

    Covid 19 Update

    The latest COVID guidelines from the Medical Committee for dojos and events.

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    Judo Profiles

    Obukan Judo Dojo

    Obukan Judo Dojo

    https://youtu.be/hKHP4FX7_F0   The origin and meaning of our dojo name “Obukan”: the “O” refers to Oregon; Oregon was called “O-shu” or O-state by Japanese immigrants. “Bu” means martial training. “Kan” means building or training hall. Dr. Jigoro Kano, the...

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    Brandon Kindelberger

    Brandon Kindelberger

    USJF STORY~ Brandon Kindelberger Madagascar!? “My name is Brandon Kindelberger and I’m a member of USJF. I’m okay to say that I am a ‘no name’ within the judo community. I can’t boast on any big competition wins, but I can say that judo has been a part of my life...

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    Krista Tsutsui Steele

    Krista Tsutsui Steele

    USJF STORY~ Krista Tsutsui Steele Fresno, CA -----> Seattle, WA “I’m Krista Tsutsui Steele and I’m a member of USJF. My judo story starts back in the 90s at the Fowler Judo Club in Central California where my dad took my siblings and me to learn the sport he grew...

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    Sayaka Torra

    Sayaka Torra

    USJF STORY~ Sayaka Torra I’m Sayaka Torra and I’ve been a member of USJF for over 30 years. I’m a 5th degree black belt, 2008 Olympian, and Senior Instructor at the East Bay Judo Institute. My dad, David Matsumoto, became the head instructor of EBJI in 1983 and 38...

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    Building the Community

    pathway to success

    Pathways Toward Success

    When your son or daughter participates in Judo through a charter club approved by the United States Judo Federation, they will have quality instruction and a positive experience which will enrich their lives as they grow and mature. 

    teacher certification


    The United States Judo Federation Teachers Institute, with its long standing tradition of technical excellence in teaching and coaching is committed to serving our members with the latest information and procedures.  In addition, certification in Self Defense Instruction, National refereeing and kata judging are offered.

    Video Resources

    Many dojos have had to adjust to a hybrid-remote model, a combination of in-person and virtual blended instruction.  The USJF videos are available to all sensei’s and coaches. Our hope is that these videos serve as useful learning tools for your practice.

    Obukan Judo Club

    the Community

    The USJF is committed in supporting the dojo/club. 

    Judo participation can provide the space for healthy activities and access to areas where people come together, and foster outlets for physical and mental health recovery.

    USJF committee meeting

    USJF National Committees

    Voluntary committee members are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our members and their communities by providing research, experience, education and diversity in the interest of the betterment of man-kind through the practice and study of judo.

    YDK tournament pic

    Yudanshakai (Regions)

    Being the oldest Judo organization in the USA, the USJF was originally called the Judo Black Belt Federation (JBBF). It was organized around regional/local Yudanshakai (black belt associations). The purpose of the Yudanshakai is to promote judo in its own area and run local events.

    United States Judo Federation

    When you join the USJF not only will you enjoy the benefits it offers, you will have access to resources and a knowledge base that will serve to educate and enhance your enjoyment of this great sport.