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Tad Nalls

Michael Tad Nalls © 2024, Roy Nanjo, all rights reserved Judo Biography USJF Rokudan, IJF- B level referee, International Coach, Sensei at Georgetown/Washington Judo Club (WJC) at Georgetown University Past competitor in Collegiate and Masters...

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Frank Morales

© 2024, USJF, all rights reserved Frank N. Morales Jr.  Judo Biography Sometimes in life it is easy to overlook the influence and consistency of some people, maybe it is because of their ubiquity or their quiet, humble and behind the...

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Karen Whilden

© 2024 Roy E Nanjo, all rights reserved Karen Whilden Judo Biography Karen started judo in college in 1970 and has continued practicing judo ever since. Upon returning home from college, she found a wealth of judo in Los Angeles (Nanka) which...

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Fran Vall

Fran Vall © 2024 photo courtesy of Chuck Medani Judo Biography  Fran Vall is one of those small, quiet people who are easily missed in a dojo, but she has created an outsized and outstanding impact as a kata competitor, instructor,...

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Edwin Takemori

© 2024, Roy E Nanjo, all rights reserved Edwin Takemori Judo Biography Edwin Takemori, a highly accomplished judoka, achieved his Shodan (1st degree black belt) in 1957 and currently holds the prestigious rank of Hachidan (8th degree black...

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Clark Edson, Sensei Tohoku Judo Club

Dale Swett, Head Instructor, Tohoku Judo Club, writes: Tohoku Judo Club is saddened to share the news of the passing of our revered Head Sensei Clark Edson on April 29, at age 78. Clark Sensei began Judo in Berkeley, CA, where he was raised. He...

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Sanctioned Events

Aug 09, 2024USJF National Kata Conference
San Diego, CA
Pacific Southwest✉ Bill Caldwell
Aug 25, 2024Konan Promtional Clinic
Southfield, MI
Konan✉ Tom Sheehan
Aug 31, 202462nd Annual Honpa Hongwanji Judo Federation State
Pukalani, HI
HawaiiClaude Moreau
Sep 14, 2024Randori-No-Kata Clinic
Jefferson City, MO
ChicagoJosh Lehmen
(573) 301-1738
Sep 29, 2024Konan Promotional
Southfield, MI
Konan✉ Frances Glaze
Nov 15, 2024November Kata Clinics & Certification Testing
Vista, CA
Pacific Southwest✉ Bruce Knight
(619) 368-9812