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Congratulations to the following competitors for receiving their shodan for their performance July 11 – 12, 2009 at City College of San Francisco. 

  • Flora Ziprin, CA
  • Spencer Augustine, CA
  • Giovante Ortiz, CA

Batsugun Shodan Promotion: At USJF Junior, Youth, Team, & Kata National Championships
There is a new Batsugun promotion for shodan rank tied directly to performance in our USJF Junior,
Youth, Team, and Kata National Championships. This new standard differs from current Batsugun
promotion to shodan in that this criteria only applies to competition results obtained at our premier
National Jr. & Youth shiai event.

USJF National Competition Shodan Batsugun Rank CRITERIA:

To be eligible for USJF National Competition Shodan Batsugun Rank, the candidate must satisfy the
following criteria:

46th Annual USJF Junior, Youth, Team and Kata National Judo Championships
July 11-12, 2009

  • Enter the USJF Junior, Youth, and Kata National Championships shiai competition ("our Nationals") as a registered member of any national judo organization; and
  • Hold any current brown belt rank (proof of rank will be required for this purpose); and
  • Be at least age 14 years as of the competition date; and
  • In any one individual competitive division, achieve one of the following records:
    • Defeat no less than three opponents each holding current brown belt rank with at least one win by ippon or
    • Defeat no less than five opponents of any rank by ippon; or In any two or more individual divisions at the same event, defeat five or more opponents by ippon, at least three of whom hold brown belt rank.

In case the Batsugun candidate shall not then be a current USJF member, such membership shall be required as a condition to receiving the USJF rank certificate & rank card, however, the standard USJF shodan promotion fee shall be waived for this one rank award.