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Hector Estevez sent notice of the death of Sensei Guardia

On Saturday March 17th, 2018 we received the sad news that our beloved Professor and Sensei Luis Guardia passed away in the City Miami Florida USA. He was surrounded by his family, his wife Mrs. Hilda Guardia and his son Luis Guardia Jr.and friends.

Our most profound condolences to the Guardia family his wife Hilda and his son Luis Guardia Jr. may God provide the fortitude to the family and his wife Hilda in times like this.

Sensei Guardia was one of the founders of Panamerican Judo back in the 50’s and dedicated his life to the teaching of Judo throughout his native Cuba, Panamerica, Europe and USA.

Sensei Guardia was a Kudan – 9th Degree Red Belt and inductee to the Panamerican Hall of Fame, recipient of the USA Judo Life Achievement Award, The IJF Medal Of Honor and most recently awarded with the IJF Life Achievement Award during the World Judo Championships in Budapest Hungary and Author of the book “50 Years of Panamerican Judo”.

Rest in Peace our beloved Sensei you will always be present in our minds and we will never forget you.

Justo Torres wrote of the highlights of Sensei Guardia

Sensei Guardia was born on 1932 in Havana, Cuba. In 1951 he began Judo under Sensei Andre Kolychkine.

  • One of the first five to obtain the rank of shodan in Cuba. One of the founders of the Pan-American Judo Confederation in 1952.
  • Pioneer of Cuban Judo
  • Member of the Cuban Sport Hall of Fame
  • Former President of Cuban Judo Federation
  • Former trainer of Cuban National Judo Team
  • Member of the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai
  • Former Deputy Secretary General of the International Judo Federation
  • Former trainer of The Spanish Men’s National Team
  • Received the International Judo Federation Gold Medallion & Diploma for his work in development of the Pan-American Judo
  • Expert and trainer in Nage-No Kata, Katame-No Kata, Goshin-Jutsu Kata, Ju-No kata, Koshiki-No Kata and Kime-No Kata and Kata Competition Judge.
  • Technical advisor of Kolychkine Judo Foundation
  • Author of the book Origins of Pan-American Judo Confederation
  • Recipient of the International Judo Federation Life Time Achievement Award

Sensei Hanshi Luis Guardia, Kudan, died on Saturday, March 17th due to cardio-pulmonary complications.

He is survived by his wife Hilda Guardia, his sons Luis Manuel and Alejandro Guardia, many relatives and devoted students and friends.

There will be a Life Celebration at A. Kolychkine Judo Foundation, Inc. on Wednesday, 3/21/2018, at 8:00pm. The address is: 9964 Sunset Dr. – Miami, FL 33173