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April 23, 2017

Dear USJF,

This letter is in regards to the 2016 International Coaching Seminar. This seminar was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was very impressed with how many different topics were included in the seminar, especially the practical application experienced by visiting many local dojos. All the extra activities outside of judo really helped in my understanding Japanese culture more and getting to know my fellow coaches better. Experiencing all of this with the 9 other coaches helped me to understand the NPO motto of “Judo, Friendship, Peace”. I experienced so much on this trip, I thought that best way to give people a taste of this truly unique opportunity was by creating a slideshow of my experience. Below is a link to my slideshow:

Coaching Seminar Slideshow

This seminar increased my motivation to help spread judo and given me many ideas on how to do it better. I will do my best to take as much as possible from this seminar and apply it in my judo coaching. Since returning home from the seminar I have hosted two coaching clinics that highlighted the material that I learned during my month in Japan.

I would like to thank USJF for this amazing experience. It is something that provided many wonderful memories that I will remember for the rest of my life. I really appreciate the USJF for creating a truly unique opportunity for their coaches to attend, gain knowledge, and create friendships around the world.


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Michael Eldred

Here is a link to a .m4v file. The quality is a bit better than the YouTube video link above in the letter.