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This will be the 5th time USJF high school development program will attend the Festival in Busan, Korea.

See the revised schedule.

If you are interested in attending, here are the requirements:

  • USJF member
  • 10 – 12th grade in high school
  • 70 kg or more (because open weight categories)
  • Approval of parents and coach
  • Provide your own round trip ticket (room and board are provided by the Organizing Committee)
  • Individuals must have health insurance

If you are interested notify me by June 10. Call me at 952-922-9231 (home) or 952-484-7581 (c) or fax to 952-922-9231 or respond to me by e-mail which isjkchi@msn.com. My mailing address is Joon K. Chi, 6400 York Ave. So. #510, Edina, MN 55435.

If you have questions about details please contact me.

In the past this has been a wonderful cultural and learning experience and I look forward to another great week in Busan with young US students.

Joon K. Chi