Change in the date and place of the Busan International Sports Festival

This notice is due to the Organizing Committee’s need to make a change in the date and place of the Busan International Sports Festival.

The new dates are July 27 through August 4. The location will be near Seoul, Korea this year.

Here is the schedule:

  • Friday, July 27 — all members leave US for Seoul, Korea will arrive Saturday, July 28.
  • Saturday, August 4 — all members arrive back in US

This year the US team will stay in the dormitory with the #1 High School team in Korea. Most Korean world champion and Olympic champions in Judo are from this high school. They will stay with them the whole week, train with them and compete together with them. They will also spend time learning culture and social activities together with this prestigious team. It will be an enhanced experience that is for sure.

There will be NO WEIGHT minimum this year. This is a change so please make a note of it.

We are extending the deadline to June 15 to allow time to adjust to this new schedule. If you are interested notify me. Call me at 952-922-9231 (home) or 952-484-7581 (c) or fax to 952-922-9231 or respond to me by e-mail which My mailing address is Joon K. Chi, 6400 York Ave. So. #510, Edina, MN 55435.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Joon K. Chi

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