James Colgan

Russ Scherer wrote:

I am extremely saddened to have to relay notification of the passing of Jim Colgan – a Judo Great. Jim was well known throughout the U.S. and indeed most of the world. He had major accomplishments as a competitor, coach, manager, referee and administrator. But most of all, he was a great guy. To many heavyweights of his time, he was known as the person who kept them off of the awards stand. As a member and coach of the Uptown Dojo in Chicago, Jim passed his knowledge onto such outstanding Judoka as Irwin and Steve Cohen, Bobby Berland and many others. He also was the manager for many U.S. Judo Teams around the world, including the Olympics and World Championships. Jim also provided service and leadership in refereeing as an on-mat referee (up to IJF-B), jury member for many years and mentor for many other referees. For his overall accomplishments, he was awarded an honorary IJF-A in 2011. He served in many capacities at the national level, including Chairman of the Promotion Board.

He will be greatly missed, but his memory will continue to provide guidance through the many examples he gave us.

Athlete Scholar of the Year announcement

Scholarship recipients of $1,000, $750, and $500 awards for 2021 will be selected by the Athlete Scholar of the Year Committee on behalf of the USJF Board of Directors by April 2021. Applications are due to the United State Judo Federation no later than March 29, 2021. Forms for applying are available on-line or from your USJF Representative.

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Changes to Background Screening Procedures

Years ago, USJF adopted the US Center for SafeSport’s programs and standards for education and training to protect athletes and participants from abuse. SafeSport has begun to require more rigorous background screens. Thus, our background screening has been updated to meet these new standards. Our screening vendor continues to be National Center for Security Initiatives (NCSI).

The major changes are that background screening is now required to be completed annually and there are more data sources available to conduct a wider, more thorough background screening. The screening fee has been REDUCED to $30.00. The new screening program is compliant with the newer, stricter SafeSport standards and includes two (2) annual background screens/checks.

Thank you to Mr. Keith Bryant, CEO, at USA Judo for helping to obtain NGB pricing for USJF as a Group A member.

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Preparing for the Future

Calvin Terada

Calvin Terada, Chair USJF Referee Development and Certification Subcommittee

Calvin Terada writes:

Without dojos being open for practice and tournaments being held in our community, I am sure that many of us feel a strange sense of uneasiness since judo has been a part of our entire lives for so long.

While there is uncertainty and challenges all around us, one silver lining is that I have been utilizing the extra time to work on updating policies and develop strategic planning for the USA Judo Referee Commission (RC). Each of you will see some of the work being produced by the RC very soon. I have been also doing a lot of thinking and planning for us (USJF RDCS), especially on next steps for judo referee development, but also on succession planning for the RDCS which has come to fruition.

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CJBBA Kata Clinic Report

The Chicago Judo Black Belt Association has been a proud sponsor of the Tohkon Judo Academy’s Kata Clinic, held each year over President’s Day Weekend. USJF Hall of Fame Inductee, Sensei Eiko Shepherd and Tohkon Judo Academy’s founder, Douglas Tono, who also competes at the highest levels of international kata competition, are the head clinicians for the weekend, as they lead a 3-day weekend of intense kata study.
cjbba kata clinic
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New Officers

Elections for our officers for the term 2020-2022 were held on 6 December and the results are:

    President: Mr. Mitchell Palacio / Central Coast

    1st Vice-President: Mr. Edward Hanashiro / 50th State

    2nd Vice-President: Mr. Boris Munoz / Hudson

    Secretary: Ms. Krista Tsutsui-Steele / San Joaquin

    Treasurer: Mr. Ken Teshima / Nanka

    Board of Examiners Chairperson: Mr. Matsuo Takeda / Hokka

Please offer your congratulations and appreciation to our new and re-elected officers.

Please offer your thank yous and congratulations to our outgoing officers as we officially close the 2018-2020 term:

    President: Mr. Mark Muranaka / Hawaii

    1st Vice-President: Mr. Edward Hanashiro / 50th State

    2nd Vice-President: Ms. Sandra Hauptmann / Chicago

    Secretary: Ms. Diane Tamai Jackson / Shufu

    Treasurer: Mr. Peter Catlos / Konan

    Board of Examiners Chairperson: Mr. Matsuo Takeda / Hokka

Elections for the four (4) open seats on the Promotion Committee were held and filled by following individuals:

  1. Mr. Joshua Kindelberger / Intermountain
  2. Mr. Thomas Sheehan / Konan
  3. Mr. Matsuo Takeda / Hokka
  4. Ms. J. Miki Takemori / Shufu

Please offer your congratulations and appreciation for the service of these individuals.

Elections were held for trustees of the Endowment Trust. Terms for three (3) of the trustees expire in 2020. The new terms run for four (4) years, 2020-2024.

The three (3) expiring trustees were re-elected for a new 4-year term for 2020-2024. They are:

  1. Mr. Bert Mackey / Northwest
  2. Mr. Bryan Matsuoka / Daiheigen
  3. Mr. Thomas Sheehan / Konan

We thank them for their service through 2020 and thank them in advance for their continued service through 2024.

Thank you very much to everyone for their service to judo and USJF. Especially during these times of COVID.