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For the first time since I became the Chair of the Life Membership Committee, we acquired over one hundred new regular and upgraded members in one year. We receive 104 new regular Life Members and four new or upgrades to President Life Member. The increase for regular Life Members was 9%. The President Life Members was a 3% decrease. As a result, the income to the USJF Endowment Fund was $29,406.80, after the expense of paying for plaques, engraving, cards, lapel pins, patches and postage.

Last year’s Life Membership awards go to


  1. Hudson
  2. Northwest
  3. Konan


  1. San Jose Buddhist – Central Coast
    Sogoro – Hawaii State
    Sanshi – Pacific Southwest
  2. Budokan – Northwest
  3. A. Kolychkine – Florida State

    Parker Sheldon – Konan

    Sawtell – Nanka
    College Park – Shufu
    Kin-Tora – Niagara

    Yee’s – Hokka
    Mojica – Nanka
    Hodokan – 50th State
    Honolulu PAL – 50th State
    Kokushi Budo Inst. – Hudson
    Yomeikan – Konan
    San Jose Univ. – Central Coast
    Wailuku Hongwanji – Hawaii
    Barstow – Nanka