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Teacher Video Resources

The Judo Basics

Ukemi – Breakfall

Fresno Judo Club


In any sport, the key to learning new skills is repetition. These videos from USJF gives the Sensei/Teacher great drills in which to give a positive experience to the judoka while practicing.  From basic skills such as ukemi (break fall) to zempo kaiten (forward roll), to more beginning tachiwaza – newaza skills sets, to the intermediate/advance skills of uchikomi, nagekomi, sutekeiko and randori.  This wide-range of instructional engagement activities is sure to add to any sensei/teacher practice session.

The Judo Basics

Tie Obi: Modern

Tie Obi: Traditional

Folding your Gi

Elements of a Throw

Formal Standing & Seiza Bow

Ukemi – Breakfall

Yoko-side slap

Ushiro-Sitting Rear Back Fall

Squat-Back and Side Fall

Ushiro/Yoko-Standing Back and Side fall

Standing Back & Side Fall

Zempo Kaiten-Forward Roll

Zempo Kaiten

Formal Standing & Seiza Bow

Webinar Video Resources

Our recorded Live Webinar is exactly what it sounds like! We rebroadcast our live webinar.  Join us and have all the benefits of a live webinar.

Webinars—a combination of the words “web” and “seminar”—are live video conferences that are held and attended on the web. In a webinar, the host or speaker is connected to a variety of viewers regardless of location, whether they’re located across town or on the other side of the country.