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The B.C. Dage Corporation Athlete Travel Grant has been established by a generous donation to USJF to support travel for competition or training for up-and-coming USJF athletes.

There is also a separate application process for a Yudanshakai to request travel funds to bring elite USJF competitors to conduct clinics. The Yudanshakai must provide lodging, meals, and a stipend to the athlete conducting the clinic. The aim is to jointly benefit the Yudanshakai and help the athlete support her or his training through teaching. The grant enables Yudanshakai to benefit from the opportunity to work with competitors from other regions of the country. These competitors must meet the same criteria as those for athletes seeking travel funding for competition.


  • Applications available – NOW
  • Applications due – 11/30/15 for events happening between January 1, 2016 and June 30, 2016
  • Decisions will be made at the end of December 2015

Applications: The application form is here on the USJF web site.

Please e-mail applications to both:

The B.C. Dage Corporation Athlete Travel Grants could not be made without the commitment and dedication of the Grant Committee: