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To the United States Judo Federation

I would like to thank you for your continued show of support by helping to fund myself and others on the US Kata Team that traveled to Frankfurt, Germany for the 2011 Kata and Grand Masters World Championship this past June.

I have worked very hard and been very lucky to have been selected to represent the US at this and other such prestigious events in the past, but it has always a struggle to find the resources to get to these events. The States Judo Federation has been there to help every single time! Thank you!

I would also like to thank Mrs. Eiko Shepherd for helping to secure this funding and for all of her support and help with our kata. Thank you.

This Championship was especially close to my heart as I have not been to Germany since I was a young boy, well over 30 years ago! As I was in Germany, I thought to myself once again how fortunate I have been through Judo! Judo has allowed me to not only learn and share knowledge, meet new people and see old friends, travel to many places I would have never dreamed of going, but has now brought me back to a place I grew up! It was wonderful to be there!

Although we were not happy with our draw of being the first team to perform Kodokan Goshin-jutsu in the larger of the two preliminary groups, we did feel that our kata was very strong and one of our best performances. We finished with 6th place in our preliminary group.

We will continue our hard work and study of kata and hope to make you all nothing less than proud!

Thank you,
Heiko Rommelmann, Jr.
10 October 2011