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Dear Mr. Simon,

My name is Colton Brown and I am a member of the USJF. A few weeks ago I was selected to compete at the 7th annual Bussan International Junior Judo Tournament in Korea.

            I would like to express my appreciation to the USJF. Korea was an absolutely amazing experience. I loved being exposed to a new and different culture. The translators that the team was provided with were extremely generous and helpful. They allowed us to go into town and experience how Koreans really live.

            I would also like to give a special thanks to Yonezuka-Sensei for providing me with the opportunity to go on this trip. The team leader Joon Chi also provided us with a lot of insight on Korean culture and introduced us to Korean food. Coach Ross Quam was there to make sure everything went smoothly, he did a wonderful job coaching the team. The team tournament was great and the practices were very tough (a lot of good players).

            The trip to Bussan was by far one of the best experiences of my life and I would like to thank the USJF for there support in every aspect of the trip.



Colton Brown