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Smoothcomp is a tournament software hosted in the cloud that helps you to organize registrations, brackets, clubs, matches, coaches and athletes.

USJF Smoothcomp Template for Competition

The purpose of the USJF Smoothcomp template is to assist tournament directors/organizers in streamlining the processes necessary for using the Smoothcomp tournament software. It achieves this by enhancing efficiency and ensuring consistency in tournament setup of Smoothcomp user data registration, competition rules, division, competition brackets, coach code of conduct, event code of conduct and Covid 19 Protocols.

Tournament Rules

Current IJF Contest Rules Modified as follows:

  • Pre 2003 IJF Medical Rule and the CARE system will NOT be used.
  • Co-Ed pools may be used with contestants under the age of 10.
  • Four (4) ea., 6 meter competition area with 4 meter between mats with 3 meter safety border on edge.

Match Time

  • 12 yrs and under: 2.5 minutes.
  • 13 yrs and older and Veteran Division: 3 minutes.
  • Black Belts: 4 minutes.
  • Unlimited Golden Score.
  • Rest periods between in cases of consecutive matches will be equal to the match time.

Elimination System

  • True Double Elimination will be used for divisions with 6 or more competitors.
  • Round Robin System will be used for divisions with 5 or less competitors. For all Round Robin divisions: the division winners will be determined by (1) most wins; if wins are tied, both contestants will be awarded the same award.
  • In brackets of two (2) athletes, best two out of three matches will prevail.
  • All contestants must compete at their true age and weight except where the participant is uncontested; the tournament director reserves the right to adjust player pools in the best interest and safety of the contestants.
  • Coaches, Instructors & Parents will have an opportunity to review the categories and confirm their child’s/athlete’s suitability for participation.
  • The Tournament Committee has the authority to make any changes in combining or separating divisions appropriate for the betterment of the tournament. All competitors, coaches, instructors and parents will be able to view review their competition brackets and confirm the suitability of their child’s/athlete’s participation.

Prohibited Acts

  • No drop seoi nage for 12 yrs and under.
  • No Shime waza (Chokes) for 12 yrs and under or 60 yrs and older.
  • Kansetsu waza (Armbars) only in Black Belt and Veterans Division

Medical Rule

  • Medical staff will be allowed to examine injured contestant without disqualification.


  • Please verify your student/child has been placed in the correct division.
  • Once the pairings are posted and weights are confirmed, you will NOT be eligible for a refund, unless the athlete is “uncontested”.
  • If you are coaching, you MUST wear a coach’s badge to be on the mat side.

 White Judogi are Mandatory

  • Blue Judogis are OPTIONAL if you are on the “Blue” side
  • All competitors are REQUIRED to bring their own blue and white belts for match play.  Mark your name on your belts.
  • NO belts will be available at the score tables.

 Uncontested Division

  • Parents/coaches must check the participants list prior to the change division deadline. If the athlete is alone in the bracket, parents/coaches may contact the organizer at xxxxxx@xxxx.xxx to move the athlete up one age division, and/or move to a different weight division.
  • Parents may also request to withdraw the athlete from the tournament and request a refund. Deadline to change divisions is Date. (example: April 26, 2024 at 11.59 pm.) There will be no changes to the brackets/divisions after the above deadline.