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Tamo Kitaura Referee Development Grant Committee


Ed Hanashiro, Chair
Calvert Kitaura
Robert Fukuda
Daniel Kikuchi
Rose Marie Knudsen
Terri Waibel of the National Office

tamo kitaura
Tamo Kitaura


Tamo Kitaura Sensei has devoted over 50 years to the sport of judo as a competitor, instructor, coach, manager and referee. Throughout his distinguished career, Kitaura Sensei has been instrumental in developing and mentoring students and has been an active contributor to numerous organizations, which support such activities, including the Central Coast Judo Association and the United States Judo Federation. In honor of Kitaura Sensei’s lifelong dedication to and distinguished service in support of Judo throughout the United States, the Central Coast Judo Association and the United States Judo Federation (the “Governing Organization”) has established the USJF TAMO KITAURA REFEREE DEVELOPMENT GRANT (the GRANT).


The grant has been established to provide financial assistance in support of the development and growth of USJF referees. The grant is specifically aimed at USJF referees who have exhibited a degree of technical proficiency, such that the Governing Organization has identified these individuals as candidates for further testing and certification through the PJU-C. The proceeds from the grant go towards defraying the costs of travel and other expenses associated with a referee’s attendance at the PJU-C testing site. This grant has also been established as a tool to encourage, support and increase new referee participation.


Referees who have reached a degree of technical proficiency and show the interest and acumen to further develop themselves through top-level testing and certification of the PJU-C are eligible for theGRANT. In addition, the grant should be utilized to assist in the establishment of programs and incentives to encourage new referee participation.

Official Rules

The official rules of the grant shall be established and governed by the Grant Committee. The Grant Committee members are composed of (i) the chairperson of the USJF Referee Development and Certification sub-committee or his or her designee; and (ii) additional members who are selected by the Central Coast Judo Association Board of Managers and the USJF Executive Committee.

USJF Endowment Trust

The USJF Endowment Trust (the ‘Trust’) was established to develop and support programs which promote the sport of judo in the United States. Contributions to the USJF Trust are tax deductible and the income realized from the principal of the USJF Trust is used to fund programs such as this GRANT. The USJF Trust, in conjunction with this grant will help to ensure that the teachings and philosophy of Kitaura Sensei continue in perpetuity through all students and aspiring referees.

Previous recipients of the Tamo Kitaura Referee Grant

2003 – Mr. Don Flagg

2004 – Mr. Dean Markovics and Mr. Mark Yamanaka

2005 – Mr. Nick Goodly and Ms Joan Miller

2006 – Mr. Dan Israel, Ms Miki Takemori and Mr. Harold Yamada

2007 – Ms Sharon Landstreet and Mr. Glenn Koyama

2010 – Mr. William Gugino, Mr. Devin Cohen, Mr. Robert Gugino, Mr. David A. Williams and Mr. Alain Wilkinson

2011 – Ms Melinda Buehman, Mr. Neil Simon and Mr. Ralph Palmer

2012 – Mr. David Allen, Mr. Sheldon Konno and Mr. Ryan Shimokawa

2013 – Mr. Robert Donaldson and Mr. Scott Galles

2015 – Mr. Daniel Lee and Mr. Brian Toth

2016 – Mr. Gordon Nelson