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January 31, 2015

Dear Mrs. Koyama,

For the second year in a row, I had the honor of representing the United States of America as part of the Konan Judo Club at the Sanix 2014 International Junior Judo Tournament in Fukuoka, Japan. I wish to thank the USJF for allowing me to participate in this memorable event once again and for the generosity the USJF extended to me.

The Sanix 2014 Junior Judo Tournament was even better than I could have imagined. I enjoyed every minute of my stay at the Global Arena. The facilities were outstanding; the people were kind and supportive; and the other judokas were fascinating. I learned a lot about judo, but I also learned a lot about other cultures.

The judo was intense, and I was able to experience more judo in one day than I can experience in a week in the United States. Not only did I enjoy the judo, but I also very much enjoyed meeting my teammates and all of the other judokas. The members of the US team were wonderful individuals who I am sure will be among my lifelong friends. The judokas from other countries were also very kind, and I hope to cross paths with them again in the near future. For example, judokas from Mongolia and I talked about visiting each other’s dojos to practice together.

The people of Japan were so accommodating. I will never forget the courtesy extended to the US team by the people of Aya Town in Miyazaki. The people allowed us to train in their dojo and then treated us to a wonderful meal.

In conclusion, thank you for allowing me the opportunity of a lifetime. I will forever be grateful to the USJF.

Michael P. Mutz