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To Mr. Munemasa, Mr. Kondo, Mr. Murray, Mrs. Koyama, Mr. Getov, Mr. Kugisaki, Mr. Adachi, Mr. Kamiya and Ms. Nishida,

I wanted to thank USJF, Sanix Sports Foundation, the Global Arena, and Taisei Junior High School for a great experience in Japan.  USJF funding made easier to participate in event like this.

It was an eye opening experience for my two boys who are top competitors in the US.  They now realize how much training is needed to be at the level of the Japanese boys their age.  It gave them ideas of how to train in order to possibly be world class competitors someday. If US judo is to be competitive world wide, experiences like the Sanix Training Camp and the competitions that were arranged by Mr. Kugisaki, the Global Arena and Taisei Junior High School are essential for our junior athletes.

I appreciate the opportunity and thank all involved in making this possible.


Nicolas Yonezuka
Konan Team Coach