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First Aid Guidelines For Dojos, Released April 20, 2009, available as a pdf file

The following first aid and medical guidelines are intended to set a minimum standard of readiness for Dojos. It is recommended that the First Aid materials listed should be readily available for use by judo instructors teaching at a Dojo. It is recommended that information be stored in a binder located for easy reference by the instructors. It is recommended that a judo instructor to have a certification in First Aid and CPR. The information in these guidelines are based on the text from "Tournament First Aid Information" by Richard Cirone, M.D. and "First Aid/CPR/AED for the Workplace" by American Red Cross. The materials have been reviewed by

  • Joseph Fitzsimmons, M.D.
  • Takenari Asanuma, (Certified Judo Seifuku Therapist), Previous Chairperson USJF Medical Committee
  • Ricardo Joseph, M.D., Current Chairperson USJF Medical Committee

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